Valve's Business Director Leaves Amidst Layoff Rumours

Gamasutra reports today that several employees from Valve Corporation were laid off on Tuesday. The terminations are said to involve "large decisions".

Jason Holtman, Valve's director of business development, is among eight persons no longer listed in the company's public employee directory.

Valve has not responded to requests for comment on the matter. Gamasutra said the cuts affected the company's hardware and android development departments. The total laid off is rumoured to be 25, but that number is unconfirmed.

The noted animator Bay Raitt also is no longer in the directory, nor is 10-year Valve veteran Tom Leonard, a programmer with credits on Left 4 Dead and Half-Life 2.

Yesterday morning, Jeri Ellsworth, an engineer working on next-generation hardware technology, said she had been dismissed. No reasons were given.

Several out of work as Valve makes 'large decisions' about its future [Gamasutra] Holtman latest to leave in Valve twist, says source [Develop]


    Well this can't be good.

      Exactly...... It's given me a nervous lump in my chest....

      Valve is a large company. That many lay offs could just indicate some kind of restructuring, and given their history with their employees, probably generous, often voluntary redundancies.

      Imagine your resume / portfolio having worked on major Valve titles when say establishing your own studio or applying for another dream job.

    Negative news about... Valve?

    I'm unsure of what I'm supposed to do with my pitchfork at a time like this.

      Just blame EA. I am sure they have something to do with this.

        I'd worry about prying that pitchfork out of Randy Pitchford's chest before worrying about what to do with it.

    This is surprising. Surely Valve must be rolling in money from their cut of sales on Steam alone? I never expected them to do a round of layoffs, except possibly for performance reasons.

    Will be waiting for any official word to find out what happened.

    Last edited 14/02/13 9:49 am

      It could be just to maintain some kind of efficiency or letting people go who've done major one off tasks. It could be anything really, even just the termination of a project. Maybe they just canned Ep. 3?

    Could just be from a smaller work schedule. Because quite frankly I sometimes wonder what the hell everyone does at Valve. They don't announce too many things so what are employees working on?

    Probably finally moving out of games development entirely.

    Valves makes its money from Steam...

    If it's true that it was mostly across hardware and android departments then this is not really a big deal (except for the employees themselves). They obviously decided those areas weren't worht pursuing and shut them down rather than waste time and resources. If they find the right partners for things like the steambox, they don't need to do it in-house.

    I'd say I was worried, but as we all know Valve and Steam are so rich, a simple teaspoon would render your tastebuds unusable for years.

    So I'm guessing this is just some internal thing.

    This is what happens when you don't finish episode 3. I hope they all end up homeless and Gabe dies.

    8 people no longer listed
    25 employees made redundant.

    25 / 8 = 3.125
    Round it off = 3


      I was waiting for that. :D

      Hardware Development and Android departments? Yeah, I'm not too worried.

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