Watch The Slender: The Arrival Beta In Action... If You Dare

Slender: The Eight Pages was one of the more beguiling successes of last year — a weird, super low-rent thriller that combined the popular Slenderman mythos with simple jump-scare design. Its stripped-down look and basic design were part of the appeal.

Its sequel, the upcoming Slender: The Arrival, looks to have upped the ante in just about every way you would expect. Better graphics, multiple areas to explore, and a story from the writers of the popular Marble Hornets series of Slenderman videos.

More isn't always better, of course, especially when it comes to horror. But after spending a little bit of time messing around in the game's new beta, it would seem that at the very least, an up-res'd version of the original isn't half bad.

As far as I can tell, that's more or less what the beta is — an up res'd version of the original game. The entire Arrival will be out on March 26, and if you pre-order through the game's site for $US5, you'll get the game and instant access to the beta, which is what I'm playing in the video above.

I decided to start recording as I came up out of a valley toward an area full of barrels. (The game itself is viewed as if through a handheld camera, a la Marble Hornets.) I didn't know what would happen next; indeed, I was actually curious if there was any real threat the beta, or if it was just to show off the new graphics. So… see for yourself. At the end, you have to imagine me going "OKAY THEN!" in a louder-than-I'd-intended voice.


    wow so lame, that less scary then the count in seaseme street

    These haunted house type games (Slender, Anna, Paranormal) are a bit boring compared to proper survival horror games.

    Wow so boring I'm so edgy and cool for acting tough on the internet. If it doesn't scare you guys then don't play it.. It seems like it is going to be a huge improvement from the original game judging by that brief teaser.

      The original wasn't even scary to begin with. And now they changed that badly rendered white mannequin man into a green mannequin man in a suit who can hover in the air?

        But what all those facecam videos on youtube? So many genuinely frightened people! Are you telling me they were just acting up for ad money?

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