Zelda: Oracle Of Seasons And Ages Coming To Western 3DS Virtual Consoles

Yesterday, Nintendo announced that Game Boy favourites The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages and The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons would come to the 3DS's Virtual Console in Japan.

Today on the Wii U's social network, Miiverse, Zelda designer Eiji Aonuma confirmed that they'll be out in other regions too... eventually.

Here's his comment:

So if you've got the urge to replay those two Zelda classics and you don't live in Japan, well... keep waiting?


    Great! I loved those games. I never actually owned 'Seasons though!

      Yup. I'm thinking of swiping my brothers when we move house. It's not like he'll miss it.

    Wish we'd get some GB games on the Wii U virtual console. I don't have a 3DS :'(

      You should buy yourself a 3DS cause its so much fun and your missing out on a great console

    Or I'll grab em off my shelf and play them now.

    Apologies for the noobie question, but is the 3DS able to emulate a link cable connection? If I recall correctly these ones had advanced features if you linked both. Or was that just the password stuff?

      Passwords out the wazoo. If I remember right there was an awfully long password to deal with when you wanted to carry some info to the next game. I never did fully complete it because you had to play one game through, then the other, then the first one again

    These are the 2 Zelda games I never got to play. Cant wait!

    I've finished Ages but never played Seasons. I wonder if it'll work if I input the password I got for Ages in the VC Seasons...

      I would assume it would as the code is generated to send specific information to the other game. It would be similar to how the NES games like Kid Icarus and Metroid had codes you could enter that would start your game at a specific level with specific equipment.

      I'm the flip - finished Seasons but never finished Ages.

      I just hope you can still plug it into a GBA.

    HA, I still have my Gameboy Colour and a working seasons cartridge

      Yeah, I have a working GBC and both games - Neither of which I have finished. I really should finish them...

    I wish they'd put some more advanced games on the 3DS VC. Nothing wrong with these Zelda games but it shits me so bad that a console which could be pumping out N64 titles with ease only gives us access to GBA games!

    I remember when i was young i had ages and a friend had seasons. near the end we both got stuck on our respective games and gave up. so we swapped games and started a new save file, both of us ended up completing the games without breaking a sweat.
    /end of pointless story

    Oracle of ages is better than Oracle of seasons but its a lot harder. I can't wait till this comes out!

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