A Message To Yoshi -- Stop Running Away You Idiot!

I always thought Yoshi got a raw deal. He hatches from an egg, Mario jumps on his back and Yoshi has to do all the work. That's bad enough, but if Mario is close to missing a jump — no problem — he just jumps, literally, off of Yoshi's back and lets the poor dinosaur bastard plummet to certain death. It's brutal. But you know what? This video, from Busted Pixel, has truly made me re-evaluate my Yoshi loyalties because it's true — he really does leg it at the first sign of trouble!

I mean seriously — how many times have you had to chase that little bugger down after you get hit by an enemy? The dude just runs instantly with no thought to his or anyone else's safety. Jesus Yoshi, have a little self control!


    Doesn't Mario punch Yoshi in the back of the head to make his stick out his tongue?


        How does Mario encourage Yoshi to stick his tongue out to eat things?

          He checks his prostate gland.

            Hmmm. If it is small Mario, Yoshi mightn't mind, but after Mario uses one of those super mushrooms... ('''( >.< )''')

          I saw a thing a while ago that slowed the whole thing down but darn if I can find it.

          Anyway, Mario is pointing at the thing he wants Yoshi to eat.

    Many a Nintendo game should never have it's cute kid friendly veneer removed.

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