America's "Real" Metal Gear Can Now Throw Bricks

The team at Boston Dynamics have nudged me one step closer to moving to a desert island with this new footage of it's very Metal Gear-like BigDog throwing cinder blocks.

It was scary enough when the thing could run faster than Usain Bolt. Now that we know it can throw a brick through your window before making a speedy getaway, global domination can only be a few more improvements away.

Dynamic Robot Manipulation [Boston Dynamics]


    I for one welcome our new cinder block-throwing overlords.

      Wait 'till they start throwing skips :P

      No more free carpet cutoffs...

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    It's black. It can run fast. It can throw bricks. Lets send this out under the cover of night to trash Fox news headquarters... MWAHAHAHAH...


    Great for search and rescue, if they can slightly improve the stability. But they need more than one claw, or they need to drastically speed up the rate at which it throws stuff. I understand that it is still a prototype, but this just reminds me how far they have to go before it can really be used in search and rescue (although come to think of it, I suppose it can go in areas too dangerous for human rescuers - even in its inefficient current form).

      The great limitation is still power...

      There has to be a bunch of really smart guys in a room somewhere working on better batteries.

      You don't honestly thing that this thing is going to be used for search and rescue do you? Sure, maybe a few times for it to be televised and to make the general population think it's a hero and what not but this thing is definitely going to be used in war, and not for rescuing.

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    METAL GEAR!? *in a surprised Solid Snake voice*

    Boston Dynamics, wat are u doing?
    Boston Dynamics, stahp.

    just imagine the shit their not showing to the public ;)

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