Is This A New XCOM Game In The Works?

Firaxis teased this very small snippet of a trailer for what looks like something XCOM related. A new game? DLC? They mentioned it was their next big project, so I would wager a guess to the next title in the series.

For now, your guess is as good as mine.


    A Terror from the Deep style sequel would be a pretty cool (Even though I hated the ship terror missions) though that trailer kinda reminds me more of Apocalypse, especially the line "another force *something something* against us" which would be interesting as a Cult of Sirius style group, or a new set of aliens, remember the force from Apocalypse had enslaved the Sectoid survivors from the first war.

    Though something new and original would be fun too; I just like my nostalgia.

    Last edited 24/03/13 4:40 pm

      I dunno, a more powerful force at some point, humans teaming up with former enemies to some degree could be interesting as well? Imagine having some of the aliens at your disposal this time :D

    Whats happening with that 1950's XCOM FPS?

      Everybody is trying really hard to pretend it doesn't exist, I think.

    That would be much more interesting if they had a better signal receiver.

      Yeah, you'd really think that at a big release event like this they would make sure to avoid little technical snafus like this. Up your game Firaxis, this sort of thing is just not acceptable.

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