XCOM: Enemy Unknown Is Coming To The iPhone And iPad This Winter

Firaxis' winter is going to be quite busy. They just announced today at their PAX East panel that they'll be bringing the fantastic strategy game from the PC/consoles over to the iOS platform.

They showed off a quick demo of what the game will look like on your palm-friendly device, but we're told that it's basically the entire game carried over to mobile. We'll have impressions for you as soon as we can get our hands on it. No word on pricing yet.


    Always thought this was bound to happen, it's an ideal game for touch based platforms... just make sure it comes out on android to please :P

    Do you guys really not understand why many developers avoid releasing on Android?

      1) It's a nightmare and 2) sales are abysmal relative to iOS. I'd love to see it fixed but someone is going to have to take point to get it to happen :)

        The biggest weakness is the platform is touted as its biggest strength. When it works on everything, you have to get everything you make to work on everything as well. Then everyone will just pirate it anyway.

        It can't get 'fixed' without changing the very thing that defines and separates the platform.

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