Final Fantasy X And X-2 HD Remakes Coming To The West

Square Enix has just announced that both Final Fantasy X and X-2 are getting the HD treatment, not just in Japan but in the West as well. The PS3 will receive a one-disc bundle of both games, while the Vita will receive each game separately.

Here's Square-Enix:

Square Enix Inc., the publisher of Square Enix interactive entertainment products in the Americas, today announced that it will be releasing the HD remastered editions of Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 in 2013 for the PlayStation 3 computer entertainment and PlayStation Vita handheld entertainment systems.

"These games are classic fan-favorites, and we hope that new and old Final Fantasy fans can experience the world of Spira and the story of Tidus and Yuna in a brand-new light with these remastered editions," said Yoshinori Kitase, producer of Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2.

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster is a single disc bundle that will be available on the PlayStation 3 system. Final Fantasy X HD Remaster and Final Fantasy X-2 HD Remaster will be available for the PlayStation Vita system.

The remakes are landing this year, and there's also a trailer coming next Monday, March 25. Meanwhile, have a few screenshots.


    it doesnt look THAT much better over the original- except for a noticeable lack of jaggies

    and gimme Versus 13 or a total reboot of 7 with full voice acting and dubbing in glorious HD damnit SQUEENIX

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      nah man, the textures have been re-done awesomely, it's just they kept the same style.

        doing a .gif as a comparison really doesnt help your case, since all I can see thats changed from the gif is the aspect ratio

          Can you not see the bigger textures? Big difference in Lulu (Fur and hair, more polys).

            You're right, there's huge difference between the detail in the two pictures.

              Funny thing is, Auron looks more detailed in the PS2 version than he does in the HD remake. Other than that, there's big improvements in the PS3 version.

          Either you're optically challenged or trolling... can't quite decide.

          Look at Lulu's fur shawl thing, that's probably a rez up from 64x64 to 256x256!!

            I honestly cant tell. I did a comparison on my dual monitor setup at home and to my eye there seems to be barely any visual improvement- like the HD remake of Shadow of the Colossus(but that is still one o the best games I have ever played). Given that I do actually have eye problems, most of what I am seeing are benefits to changing to a 16:9 aspect ratio over a HD texture update.

            adding to that, FF X was the game I put the LEAST amount of effort into because I hated its linearity of maps, the english dubbing, the more selfish than usual lead character and that horrible, horrible ending.

            Though I still enjoyed the game I just found that FF VI, VII, and VIII to be far superior. So it could also be personal bias against this game that is also making me be so cynical of it. the Sphere grid is undoubtedly ten times better than the license and Crystarium grids

      as an edit: I have looked at this site:

      I can see improvements this way, not in the gif, and once again in my personal opinion the upscaling to HD doesnt bring THAT MUCH of an improvement over what SQUEENIX have been releasing in their standalone games.

      Also to add to this as a foot note. if ever a HD remake for FF VII was to be done, I would expect far better quality than what were getting in the X remake

        On that last note, of course it would because they'd have to remake FFVII's graphics from the ground up. I believe with FFX they just added extra tessellations on the character to remove jagged edges and changed the textures - because the original models were already quite good as a base for upgrade.

    I loved FFX-2 so I'm glad that's coming back too.
    Not that I own a console to play it on. Still. Someday, maybe...

      ugh. I am still stuck on 99.99% because I can never catch RIN in the mystery minigame. just need that ONE event so I can get 100% completion with bareleis sphere

    Massive difference in the textures on Lulu there. I'd be happy to play FF X again, and I never played X-2, so that should be good.

      X-2 isn't good. It's decent, but it doesn't compare to the original. As a 15 year old I loved the fanservice, but the story and characters are pretty lacking. Especially the part where solve a huge problem in the game by holding a rock concert, AND IT WORKS!

        You gotta admit though, the battle system was pretty darn awesome.

          Yep I played the hell out of that game because the battle system was awesome!

            oh yeah. it used to remind me of the sailor moon cartoons that would sometimes replace my dragonball Z on cheese TV.

            Is that show even still running?

      FFX-2 isn't as good as X. It's combat however is interesting and it's nice to have a female protagonist for the first time. Even if it's a bit jarring how much Yuna changed from X. Overall X-2 is worth a playthrough and Via Infinito is one of the more difficult optional dungeons in a FF game.

    Shiny. Now do XII!

      I loved 12, and seemingly I am one of the few who did. I thought it was a whole lot better than 10 and 10-2.

        I don't know that it was better. There was a lot to do in it and the battle system made for great party experimentation. I hated Vaan though. Basch and Balthier made up for that. But only just.

          Vossler was my the point I tried to grow my beard like his. haha.

    I'm sure they could've put both games on the PS Vita game card.. A little disappointed..

    So happy this is finally happening, and quite a nice surprise to have X-2 also!

    I'd be truly happy if we get the Zodiac edition of FFXII. It doesn't seem to be popular, but personally it's my favourite Final Fantasy and one of my favourite games ever.

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      Final Fantasy XII was certainly engaging and the gambit system was quite useful but the complete lack of random battle encounters made me go back and forward between maps for me to unlock my desired Licences, then rinse and repeat. that and just like Tidus, I will be happy if I never hear Vaan dubbing again. However Vayne was a far more interesting villian than even Sephiroth in my personal opinion

        Supposedly the main character was originally going to be Basch? I seem to recall an old old article about how they added Vaan because the original MC was too old and they thought won't appeal to the demographic. I do sort of dig that his brother Reks was framed as a witness for the murder of the King, but his personalities are just... argh! Give me Basch or Balthier as the MC anyday >.<

        TL;DR Vaan was added as an afterthought.

        Also I agree, Vayne's motives and also his political machinations were pretty fascinating to follow. Sort of Kefka-esque but with less obvious genocidal tendencies.

        There was certainly a bit of grinding. I loved the environments so much it didn't bother me much I guess, I didn't consider it to be too different to other games with grinding.

        Vaan didn't bother me at all, he was certainly your vehicle for experiencing the adventure rather than a stand-out personality. I hated Tidus so much that somebody devoid of personality was quite welcome... :)

    this 'KEPT ME WAITING, HUH'!

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