For What It’s Worth, AVP: Evolution Is The Best Aliens Game Released This Year

For What It’s Worth, AVP: Evolution Is The Best Aliens Game Released This Year

Other than the eponymous xenomorphs, general bugginess and some laughable artificial intelligence, Angry Mob Games’ AVP: Evolution from iOS and Android has absolutely nothing in common with the train wreck that is Gearbox’s Aliens: Colonial Marines. In just about every other way the mobile game is superior to the console/PC title.

That’s not saying AVP: Evolution is perfect — it’s just Colonial Marines left so much room for improvement that even a third-person action game with incredibly janky controls and a shitty camera can feel superior.

Take the story, for instance. AVP: Evolution has a cohesive narrative. On a distant planet the vile Super Predator Clan has enslaved Aliens to bring about the eradication of the Jungle Hunter Clan. The player alternates between a member of the Jungle Hunters and a xenomorph as the extensive single-player story unfolds. The “Evolution” in the title refers to the journey both characters undertake. The Predator’s story begins with his initiation as a hunter. The Alien starts as a Face Hugger, has sex with a scientist’s face, and blooms into adulthood like a delicate flower.

“Evolution” also refers to the game’s role-playing game-like progression system. Players earn experience levels, unlocking new body parts and equipment upgrades as they grow in power. There’s a ton of sci-fi weapons and goodies to unlock, enough to keep fans playing long after the more discerning gamer might throw their mobile device against the wall in frustration over shoddy controls and repetitive combat.

For What It's Worth, AVP: Evolution is the Best Aliens Game Released This Year
  • Genre: Third-Person Action
  • Developer: Angry Mob Games
  • Platform: Android, iOS
  • Price: $US4.99

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