Missile Command's 31-Year-Old All-Time Record Is In Danger Of Falling

Victor Sandberg of Sweden has been playing Missile Command for more than 50 hours on a single coin, chasing a record that has stood since 1982. The all-time high world record high score of 80.5 million points is held by another Victor, in this case someone named Victor Ali.

He was at 77 million points a few minutes ago, you may follow the livestream of his progress below. Scott Patterson, the eminent arcade game records observer, advises that this is one of the records long considered unassailable in video game history. But as was proven in February, just such a record — the 30-year-old Q*Bert all-time high — is capable of falling.

You can follow the attempt at the link below.

MC WR attempt! [Twitch.tv]


    think he's blown it, stream is now offline...

      Taken from the us page

      [Update] Victor Sandberg is the new Missile Command world record holder, finishing with a score of 81,796,035 in 56 hours, 5 minutes, 53 seconds.

      Good for him.

        ooo nice! Great stuff! Hats off

        Fantastic! In He's the victor and his name was actually Victor!! Woot!!

        Last edited 18/03/13 9:50 am

    My thought's exactly when I just saw the offline message

    Who will be the victor?

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