New Sleeping Dogs Lets You Be A Ticket-Writing, Ass-Kicking Cop Again

The hero of United Front's hit open-world title spent most of the game undercover, acting more as a gangster and stirring up trouble to win the trust of the Hong Kong underworld. Now, Wei Shen finally gets to be an out-in-the-open law enforcement official in the new Year of the Snake DLC for Sleeping Dogs.

The teaser trailer offers up details about a crazy cult trying to blow things up and Wei Shen gets busted back to being a lowly beat cop. But, really, it's all about wielding tear gas for me. There's no joy better than getting to make swarms of random strangers cry. Trust me on this.

Players will get the usual helping of new weapons and achievements in Year of the Snake, which is out today for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 at a cost of 560 Microsoft Points.


    One of my favourite games of last year and I still haven't bought any DLC. I almost feel guilty, I just don't feel like dusting off my 360 and there are so many new games out right now to grab my attention.

      Same here, but I might dust it off and pick up all the DLC this weekend now that we have some actual story-based DLC.

      Hopefully it's not the last.

        You both should grab the main DLC packs. The Horror movie one was awesome and the tournament of death was fun. This new pack looks to be good too, can't wait to buy it

          I will get to it as soon as I've finished playing Simcity, then Lego City, then Bioshock Infinite. I think there's a 2 month stretch where nothing else grabs me.

          Which ones are considered the main DLC packs? There's a few on sale now at, but only Nightmare in North Point appears to be a story one?

            Nightmare at North Point is a story based DLC, and so is the Zodiac Tournament DLC. Mind you, I'm not an Xbox owner, but those look like some cheap prices for all the cosmetic DLC though

              OK, so Zodiac Tournament is not on there. Oh well, no rush then.

              And yes, cheap cosmetic DLC, but... it's cosmetic DLC. Bleargh. I don't really want to encourage the sale of what used to be unlockables.

              There's a TON of cosmetic/weapon/car/collectible DLC and honestly I'm tempted to buy all of it and do a second playthrough, even though I beat the game already and did just fine without it.

      I felt guilty as well - mainly because I got the game on Plus., so I picked up a fair bit of DLC as a result. The two 'story' ones are pretty great - loved the feel of Zodiac Tournament. The Triad one has a couple fun missions that are worth replaying, and the Swat one has a bunch of cop missions that get a little repetitive. Loved it all so much I ended up getting the platinum but had to delete it to make room for Mass Effect 3. Now the DLC is out I'm regretting that decision...

    Sleeping Dogs and DLC was on a Steam sale the other day. North Point and Zodiac Tournament are story line DLC. I grabbed "Wheels of Fury" for 99c which was a new car plus a few missions. Most of the other DLCs are skins.

    Still waiting for a sequel set in another Chinese city...

    The title made me think a new game was announced.......

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