Of Course Gametraders Is Selling Mortal Kombat, Why Wouldn't They!

As a result of Australia's new R18+ rating, Mortal Kombat finally received a classification in this country. But while Warner Brothers waits to officially release the game here, Gametraders is exercising its legal right to import the game from overseas, slap an R18+ sticker on the game and sell it in-store — and why not?

"Yes we are selling the Mortal Kombat complete edition and it is selling really well," said Gametraders Marketing Manager, Rob Jenkins. "It is a very popular game and we are pleased to be able to put it on our shelves."

Parallel importing is completely legal in Australia. Previously the only thing holding a retailer back from buying in a game like Mortal Kombat is the fact that, without a classification, selling the game is — obviously — illegal.

Strange that it never entered my head before — of course a retailer like Gametraders would import and sell a game with a massively delayed Australian release. Why not do the same thing with Mortal Kombat?

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    I can't help but feel like using parallel importing to get around release dates is kinda wrong. If the game is going to be released here but isn't yet, isn't that just as bad as breaking street date?

    I know the only reason we don't have the game yet is because of the whole classification issue but... eh. It bothers me.

      Parallel importing to short circuit lazy distribution schedules gets a big tick in my book.

        Exactly. If it encourages distributors to both speed-up localisation and maintain comparable prices globally, I can only see it as a good thing.

      The truth is, there's no reason not to distribute the game to Australia immediately... They're waiting until May.

      I have a problem with arbitrary "street dates", not parallel importing... but hey, YMMV.

      What a strange thing to get upset about.

        Well, I'm hardly "upset" about it, it just seems like they're exploiting a loophole. I think street dates are silly especially when everyone has the stock and is holding it back for no reason, but they do ensure fairness across retailers when the smaller guys might be disadvantaged by having less favourable logistics.

        I feel like if a big chain like EB was doing this, we'd all be annoyed at how they were using their buying power to oppress the "Mom n Pop" stores.

      It hurts other retailers, but I think Gametraders -- being smaller and having less buying power -- uses this as a way to get ahead. It's perfectly legal, but yeah, I get what you're saying. But it makes sense for them on a number of levels.

        I won't say it doesn't make sense for them, and there's no reason that EB/JB/whoever can't do the same thing. And I do agree that there's no reason the game shouldn't be out here except that the publisher doesn't care enough.

        So I'm not saying it is wrong. It just feels wrong.

      I do agree Matt, however in this particular situation we are talking about a game thats been out for 2 years in almost every other part of the world....

        Technically that's not true, the original game is still refused classification. The Komplete edition is "new".

        But yes, I get your point. We would have been able to legally purchase Mortal Kombat like adults in 2011 if we'd had an R rating then.

          Forgive me if this sounds stupid, but then does that mean it's still illegal to import the original Mortal Kombat? (Due to only the Komplete Edition being classified, not the original) Food for thought.

            to answer your question, yes it is.

              Well there you go. So if I were to import it myself I can either buy a version which has more content, perfectly legally, or risk a fine buying a version with less.. Fair enough the original hasn't been reclassified but it still makes you laugh.

                ... and since none of the Mortal Kombat DLC went up on the Australian PSN Store and Xbox Marketplace, you won't be able to pay extra to convert the illegal version into the legal version :)

                  Or so you think... Lol. I imported the original (PS3 version) from Hong Kong shortly after release. Needed to make a HK PSN account to activate the online pass, so I bought some credit online for the HK account and used it to get all the DLC from the HK store. Works on my AU account no worries :)

                  Obviously pointless now lol seeing as we'll get the Komplete Edition, and from what I hear I don't think that works for the Xbox version.

      This is what the parallel import laws are explicitly designed to allow: if the local distributor won't provide stock (either due to shortages in their own supply chain, or through artificially delayed release dates) or won't provide it at a competitive price, then retailers can source their stock elsewhere.

      In contrast, if a retailer gets their stock from the local distributor it is probably legal for the distributor to require that stock not be sold before a particular date as part of the contract.

        So technically if Blooddeath Murderkill VII was scheduled for local release on March 25th but I knew I could order 20 copies of the UK version from ozgameshop and they'd arrive on March 23rd, there's no reason whatsoever I couldn't do that and sell them on March 24th without fear of penalty from the local distributor because I wasn't selling the two copies I bothered to order from them, even though they're ostensibly the exact same product.

        Sometimes, the world is a weird place.

          If you paid up front for the stock from the UK, then there probably wouldn't be any additional restrictions.

          The relationships between a retailer and wholesale distributor are often a bit more involved though. They might give the retailer more flexibility, such as receiving stock on credit with an option to return unsold stock. In exchange for those terms, the distributor could easily bind the retailer to a release date.

      Wouldn't the answer be to treat Australian consumers decently, and not wait for months to release a game? If a game is already out overseas, I see no problem in breaking the street date

      Hardly, in this case. Most of us bought the game last year from the UK or NZ. An artificial street date at this point is ridiculous.

      no, its not the same as breaking street date. Breaking street date set by the distribution company means a possible blacklisting (whatever you want to call it), whereas parallel importing is something all the retailers can do, perfectly free of any repercussion, its just that the bigger chains (EB, JB) have to go through more managerial bullshit. Its more smart thinking to get a few extra sales in a highly competitive, most likely soon to be obsolete industry. My thoughts anyway please feel free to correct me.

    Couldn't see it on the website

      its there but not front page stuff you have to search for it.

        Searched for it, didn't find it when I searched for it, only MK V DC

        Have since then found and pre ordered it

        Thanks though

    Street dates only exist as a result of deals between retailers and publishers. If a company isn't interested in getting a deal with a publisher, say in cases where they would be the exclusive retailer for a week or two and be able to rake in the sales from that over that time whilst the other companies have their hands tied by street date agreements which got them discounts and exclusive packaged deals, then they are under no obligation whatsoever to abide by the publisher-mandated street date

    Seriously not on the website

    I'll cancel my pre order with EB if I can get it so much sooner

    Edit* Any help would be appreciated muchly

    Last edited 06/03/13 1:09 pm

      It's on there right now.
      I'm not sure what the wait was for, I checked it at about 12:15 and it wasn't on there, but it's definitely on there now.


    I've been checking jb online regularly and they haven't got it listed yet, hopefully they'll stock it as well.

    Dungeon Crawl have been selling it at their retail store in Melbourne CBD and also via their online store for a few weeks now. Picked up mine for $39 2 weeks ago...

    I am still rather sad that GameTraders no longer exist in WA :(

    Get it on Vita for an extra 150 challenges!!!


      VITA version is still illegal to own

        How does that work? It's the Komplete Edition?

          The Komplete Edition for Vita was submitted and refused classification a while ago, before the 18+ classification came into effect.

            Oh great......

              Yeah, bit of a letdown. http://au.gamespot.com/news/mortal-kombat-vita-banned-in-australia-6365200

              "We felt that because of the Vita's size, the smaller screen would minimise the impact of the violence in the game and we felt it might fit within the MA15+ category." Unfortunately that wasn't the case. If they make any changes though they'd be able to submit it as a new game and have it classified 18+, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

                booooooooooo (Lucky I have a US account)

    How 2 years ago.
    any actual fan got it imported originally.

      That's unnecessarily nasty - 'any actual fan'.

      It was illegal to import it. It was perfectly reasonable to wait for it to be classified here.

    If anyone gets this on PS3 and activates the online pass, add me for a game: MitchD1989. I imported the original shortly after release and have never been able to get a decent online game with it, for obvious reasons. Lol.

      Assuming that this is the same version that was available from UK stores, then there is no online pass. They didn't bother keeping it around for the DLC roll-up release.

        Hmm, never knew that. That's good, might hopefully get more Aussies online then!

    simple google search shows $29.99 with free shipping @ http://www.ozgameshop.com/xbox-360-games/mortal-kombat-komplete-complete-edition-game-xbox-360

    Love that there is an R18+ rating. I have got my copy of Mortal Kombat and cannot wait to play it. Looking forward to many more, and hopefully some of the older banned titles becoming available, such as Manhunt. Good work Gametraders :)

    To the people saying it's illegal, its not. It clearly says in the article that they are selling the KOMPLETE edition. Even if they weren't the original edition is technically less violent due to less fatalities etc.

    Secondly, any store is free to do the same as Gametraders. So no, its not unfair. I have seen clearly NEW imported gamss in EB and JB but marked as preowned due to not being from the official distributor. It has been happening for yearw, Gametraders isn't doing anything.

    Geez gamers have become a whiny, anal bunch. Get the facts right before complaining. I have a feeling this whining is coming from under 18s who are sour that that they can no longer buy defacto R rated games.

    Its called a free market with true competition, kids. Get with the times.

      Dude, no one here got the word 'illegal' wrong. Check your own facts before making rash statements about 'kids' and 'a whiny, anal bunch'.

    I bought it yesterday just because its an R game in Aus, but I have to say I'm having so much fun with it. Not a fighting game fan, the only thing that annoys me is the precise inputs needed, once again that would probably appeal to fighting fans, still though it is fun as fuck.

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