Season Two Of The Walking Dead Might Not Be Out Until Next Fall

When season one of The Walking Dead hit last year, a lot of people assumed that the episodic adventure series would turn into an annual thing. Many of us thought season two would be out in 2013.

But alas. Season two of the critically-acclaimed series might not hit til fall of 2014, according to Telltale boss Dan Connors, who spoke to Eurogamer at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) awards last night.

"We're aiming for fall next year," Connors said, adding that something else will help fill the gap while we wait. "We'll probably have something to announce fairly soon about what we're going to do... It'll be different."

Hopefully it's a first-person shooter. Just kidding.

Season Two of Telltale's The Walking Dead "aiming for" autumn 2014 [Eurogamer]


    Not so surprising, given they don't even have a story in place yet. Looking forward to whatever they come up with!

    Next fall? I'm going to assume this is a US article.

    “The current estimated release window for Season Two of The Walking Dead is for Fall of ‘this’ year (2013), and not ‘next’ year (2014) as has been reported after a recent interview. We apologize for any confusion and thank you and all of our fans for your continued excitement for the series!”

    This was from an ign article...Good news :)

      So that's Sept/Oct/Nov for those playing from the Oceania region \o/

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