Starcraft II: Heart Of The Swarm Is Now Live In Australia

Starcraft II: Heart Of The Swarm Is Now Live In Australia
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Folks in the US won’t be able to play Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm until midnight Pacific time, but here in Australia, we’re now good to go! If you bought a copy of the game at a midnight launch, or your just sitting at your computer waiting to go — now is the time! Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm is now live.

It sort of feels good man. In the US, Kotaku has put up a pretty interesting little trick so that US folks can switch to the Southeast Asia region in order to play — but we don’t have to. It’s sort of cool to have the shoe be on the other foot for a change.

And while we’re here — did anyone head to the launch party at Federation Square last night? How was it? The pictures look pretty spectacular. Looks like there was a bit of a crowd!


    • I wouldn’t bother until the 3rd episode comes out. But having to wait another 3 years for another just doesn’t seem worth it to me.

      • Originally I felt the same way when first announced but warmed to the idea.

        Wings of Liberty is a great game, and honestly, I’m happy I picked it up when I did.

  • Can’t wait, but only for the single player. I used to be heavily involved in the multiplayer and competitive side but that sides just dead now.

  • I went to the launch with a couple friends. It was a great atmosphere. We had our copies in the mail already so we didn’t stay till midnight but it was a crazy atmosphere watching some pros play matches on the big screen at federation square. Felt a lot like going to a footy match but more awesome, and there was a great vibe.

    • I hadn’t played it for about 6-8 months until recently. I was disturbed to see, after it was fully patched, that it now requires SCII to always be online and it even goes so far as to stream content from Blizzard servers so allow you to play SP! WTF else did I miss during my time off?! Am I going to have to submit three forms of ID and a tax file number to play the eventual Protoss expansion?? I always thought it was lame as shit to have a pointless ‘offline’ mode that nevertheless required you to login online to allow you to play ‘offline’, but streaming SP content?? What happened to Blizzard, man?? I remember the time before they became paranoid dicks like EA… It was a grand era. 🙁

      • the game does not require you to be online for singleplayer. it still has the offline option for singleplayer that came out at Wings of Liberty’s release

        • Really? Because every single time I try to use offline mode for WoL campaign, it tells me I need to login to BN in order to play and won’t progress any further. I just assumed this to be some DRM shyte. Maybe I need a re-install.

  • My CE is staring at me right now. 5 PM just can’t come quick enough. Hell I even replayed the campaign last week. Was amazed at how much I’d forgotten and how good it still is.

  • Was at the launch at Federation Square representing Silicon Sports – Melbourne’s only Barcraft organisers – Look us up on Facebook, we recently hosted Melbourne Barcraft for the GSL Finals.

    Was a great atmosphere, definitely some ‘basement dwellers’ were out and about. Dustin was awesome and mingled with the crowd regularly when he wasn’t on stage, and the HotS Hockey Jerseys’ were awesome.

    I think EB Games should have rethought the wrist band idea, friends had to queue for well over an hour (we got there just after 7PM).

    ACL PRO were also interviewing random crowd members for quotes on the event and were presenting them with Steel Series swag.

    Other than the horrendously quiet audio coming from the stage, it was a great night.

    Also wouldn’t be fitting for a federation square event not to have a punch-on mid launch.

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