Tell Us Dammit: What Do You Want To See From Games In 2013?

This week I've been taking a look at some of the games I'm looking forward to in 2013, I'd like to hear from you guys and girls — what are some of the games you're all looking forward to this year?

Simple question, so let's maybe expand it a little further. What about new hardware? What about gaming as a whole? Where would you like it to go? Is it heading in the right direction for you? Do you have complaints? Let's have a discussion about gaming in 2013 and what it's going to be! I'd love to hear your thoughts.

In truth, I'm a little concerned about the direction of the PS4. I wonder if its the kind of thing consumers want or need. I wonder if it's going to be the right thing for us in our current technological situation. I worry about the lack of innovation in AAA titles. These are regular worries and, in a sense, they might be illogical, but I just feel that, more than ever, big publishers are afraid of risk. I think that might be a bit of an issue in the long term, and it will most likely reduce my enjoyment of games.

I'm enjoying iOS games and mobile games as a whole, but I hope that bigger, grander experiences won't get lost in the mix. I'm sure they won't, but it's a worry that sits at the back of my mind. I want games to keep pushing forward, in multiple directions at once. I suppose that's what I want from gaming in 2013 — I want games to push forward, in all directions, not just one.


    I think I speak for all of us here when I say we want more always online DRM and that we want to have more opportunity to pay extra money through microtransactions on the games we already bought.

    We also want more quick-time events and some of that sweet, sweet online play attached to single player games, because it's always an improvement to the game.

      BAHAHAHA... totally stole my post :P

      On top of that I want my Singleplayer games that have a Multiplayer aspect (because it is always an improvement to the game) to be like a ghost town in terms of player numbers!

      I love me some wasted development time into Multi that doesn't get used all that well.

      Hear hear!

      Instruction books are also too lengthy. A post-it note stuck to the disc is more than enough.

        A post-it? Do you only buy collectors editions or something? Just print a line or two on the disc.

          But guise, we haf to safe the Earfs, the trees a dying. Ther'l be no Ossijen!

      Don't forget on disc DLC, there just isn't enough of that!

        On disc DLC is great but you know what's even better? DLC that's clearly cut out of the main game. Ubisoft, you're doing God's work! Keep it up.

        I want my DLC to only about costumes and such and charge $10! Oh THQ you did good.

      I demand social networking to be apart of every single game I play. If every single step my character takes doesn't post a new status to my Facebook wall then I am boycotting the game.

      Also, I demand more trophies. Perhaps one for every single time I press a button because getting them for watching a cutscene is far too hard. These also have to be plastered all over my Facebook.

      Last edited 14/03/13 11:36 am

        Not just Facebook. Have them emailed, twittered, SMS, recorded phone call and a note sent express post to everyone you've even casually met every time you get one.

      You also forgot the unplayable PC ports we want more of those!

        Well yeah, everyone know consoles should always be the lead platform.

        But don't bother porting any PC games to console. Cos we just not into that stuff.

      I'd like more obstacles to me playing the game.

      I want giant day 1 patches, online passes, as many unskippable splash screens as possible before the title screen even loads. Alerts everywhere reminding me of save icons, screen brightness, online stores and connections to whatever unique online service that particular publisher has tacked on.

      If I don't have time to cook a meal inbetween inserting the disc and starting the game then I don't want to hear about it.

        Here here, I want more regional pricing discrimination, to be charged double the price of the US for no particular reason. I want steam and GMG and 3rd party key providers to geo block me from their stores and or buying the US version unless I pay the over inflated AU price and in some cases even more than the retail version. I want publishers to continue to work off the adage that its 1994 and that the Australian dollar is still only worth 60-70 US cents.

        I want to continue to be gouged on digital only content and pay more than the US just because you can (I love paying sooo much more for digital content sony/microsoft and others) even when their is no B&M to compete with and there is no distribution costs

        I want to continue awaiting delays because our region isn't important enough for gaming, or for games not to come here or be localised because they won't sell well enough. I want to enjoy the stale old franchises and more of those yearly updates EA without so much as a lick of paint and I want to pay full price, I want the community to be blamed for the lack of a sequel when you shoehorn microtransactions, and change the type of genre and then wonder why it doesn't sell.

        I don't want this fandangled singleplayer nonsense, I want my games to have MP only and I want them to fragment the community by the haves and haves not when it comes to map packs/dlc etc. I don't want innovation, I don't want gameplay that isn't a skinner box and it has to be a grind unless I pay to progress. I want my games to expire and not be able to reacquire them unless I pay more money to you even though I bought them at full price, feel free to take my license to play away.

      I really think it is time to introduce QTE into the menus. Just selecting what I want is too bland, they really need to gamify the process of change resolution.
      Oh and mini games on changing inventory items and a confirmation box every time I ask to drink a potion or use an ability

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      I'm a total fiend for paying real world dollars for experience boost, über armor and ingame currency. Anyway to get ahead and winz.

    Versus xiii or last guardian. That's all. Forever.

    More turn-based JRPGs thanks :D

      Holy crap this. There is a huge lack of these.

        You making fun of me?

        (does not compute ERRORERRORERROR)

    I want some great new Wii U games - originals, but also the same games already coming out on 360 and PS3 so that I can take advantage of touch screen inventories and/or the off-screen play mode.

      I want a good reason to get a Wii U, somehow i think the next xbox and PS4 will do their best to frustrate, either with their media centre aspirations or DRM crap.

      The PS4 may be flash, but to the naked eye its not much better than the graphics we have now, so if Wii U pulls out something great then I'll bite!

    I want the community for each popular game to improve and not be an embarressment to play with.

    Oh, more PS Vita games.

    Ports, localiseations, re-makes or whatever. Just more games.

    Bravely Default: Flying Fairy

      Far out, I'm even starting to forget about this. PLEASE THIS!

    I want something to be excited about. I only got into the feverish anticipation for the Wii U at the last moment before it came out (and while massively enjoying it, haven't touched it in months despite still having ZombiU to complete along with plenty of Nintendo Land, both of which I absolutely love), and since then have returned to cold. 3DS hasn't had much of interest lately, and I've never been particularly interested in anything offered by the other platforms at all. It just feels like I'm waiting for something that I don't even know is coming yet.

      They need to get on top of 3DS localisations. Few games on my list that haven't made it.

      Also, Western developers where are you?

        Oh hey that's the thing I'm looking forward to - homebrew! Badly waiting for the Powers That Be to release the exploits they've found and crack open the 3DS and Wii U, so I don't have to worry about that stupid bloody region lock any more.

        Or alternatively for Nintendo to at least decide to go back to no region lock on their handhelds.

          Yeah, loath region lock.

    For some reason there's nothing coming out this year, not game or movie, that I'm currently interested in.

    There was "Edge of Twilight"... but good God that mobile "Horizon" thing was awful... so I'm more cautious about this one now.

    I actually want to see mobile games lift their game (ha!). They seem to have stagnated in the past year or so, and everything I play seems to be a riff on an already familiar theme. Which is an accusation levelled at console games too, but at least those have depth to make them engaging.

    And if I *do* manage to find the rare mobile game that is engaging, I find that content and/or progress is artificially hampered by microtransactions. If they offered the option to pay, say, $10 and unlock everything, I might consider it. But if they want a few dollars a day to make the game less frustrating? No thanks.

    In short, I've found that after a year or so of playing games on my phone, I now have zero interest in them. But some genuine innovation and sensible pricing in 2013 could be bring me back.

    Last edited 14/03/13 11:35 am

      Did you play Imaginary Range?
      good & free too :D

        I will check it out if you're recommending it. Better not be a JRPG :P

          It is and it isn't.
          It's more of a motion comic with mini-games set in France with cameos from Final Fantasy beasts.

      I think it's just hard to find the good games because the barrier to entry is so low for mobile game development. There are a flood of derivative games out there and it's hard to find the good, innovative games amongst those.

      It's particularly true because mobile games tend to favour simple mechanics. While this can result in things like The Room (oh hai Mark), more often than not, you're going to see more endless runners or match three games.

      Microtransactions do suck but because there are so many free games out there, convincing people to pay for the game seems to be getting harder and harder. The current model is frustrating and needs to change but I don't know if there's any real incentive for developers to do it while they're still making money.


    Colobus Monkeys and lots of 'em!

      Is that a series of Adventure Games? :p

        It should be, Jimu. It should be. :|

    Surprise me.

    I love sequels to good games as much as the next person, but if Mega Sequel 7 is pretty much the same game as Mega Sequel 6 then it won't capture my interest. Try new things, take risks.

    Episode 2 of Anna's Quest

    ( @Sughly )

    Last edited 14/03/13 11:55 am

    That publishers realise that not every single game needs to be the biggest most epic blockbuster of all time. I feel like Dragon Age is a perfect example of a game that was going to just be fanservice but was blown way out of proportion.

    I want games that make you feel more connected to the main character, such as Tomb Raider. That's the only game I can think of over the past year where I felt sorry and bad for the main character.
    Games need richer, deeper story lines, less DLC and more content on the disc. How about some free content. Maybe some free camo's instead of charging 160 MS point. I'd like companies a whole lot better if they'd start being more generous. I know they need to make some money but if people start liking the company, more people will buy their games.
    For instance battlefield 3, with all that dlc, chuck in something free for all the consumers buying the extra content. It's not that hard.

    Digital copies of games need to be cheaper than the hardcopy...or at least be the same price, ffs even EB are cheaper than buying off PSN or XBL. 'cept for the occasional sale on 12 month old games. I still can't believe i got Max Payne 3 for 5 bucks.

    New IPs coming from big devs/publishers, rather than only indie sources.

    Oh yeah I'd like to see HotD Overkill's Extended Cut get re-released for Wii U. Both because the Move controls are a sorry excuse for a light gun approximation, and I just want an excuse to get the Hand Cannons out again.

    That, or Overkill 2. Or hell, just any light gun games at all. And I mean actual light gun games, with 1:1 calibration and no cursor. Otherwise it's just a crappy Click To Kill game, not a light gun game.

    Stand alone Dayz. I am HANGIN for it. so hard not to just get the Mod and start playing that. Told myself to wait for the standalone for a more "complete"game, but the weekly blogs are like a big tease. Really think this will be a massive hit this year, with proper gamers.

      I agree 100% with you!! DayZ Standalone bring it on!

    I'm finding myself surprisingly disinterested in the next console generation and more interested in getting back into solid PC gaming. Heck, the games industry seems to be going that way way anyway in terms of console functionality and the micro-computers that are cropping up everywhere. It's sort of a History Repeats 2.0 scenario, like how we're returning to Mainframe/Dumb Client computing but calling it The Cloud.

    As bad as it sounds, I'm also hoping for the industry to collapse on itself a bit so people will stop trying to chase after the latest money-making craze and return to making games that sell because they are good and people want to play them. I'd also like to see developers working on gameplay mechanics over graphics. You can put chrome and metallic paint on a car as much as you want, but it won't fix the fact that the engine is out of tune.

    After reading most of these posts and pissing myself laughing - I +1 to everyone. As for what I want to see on a serious note - because gaming is a serious business, I just want to be able to fall in love with gaming again. I've been struggling with a lot of games to even finish them. Games I use to love and the sequels I'd thought I'd be excited for. It doesn't mean that I'm opposed to sequels, I just think a lot of recent releases have been missing that spark.

    I do believe Bioshock will ignite the flame again, but beyond that, I can't think of anything that I'm super excited for. If the Last guardian did come out for Ps4, I believe I would rob a bank just to get on it. What I would love to see in a dream world of gaming, is less exclusives - I know why they exist, but I want all my games on my PC now. Or at the very least just one super console that plays everything.

    I want games to come out without having had so much pre-release hype and advertising and marketing and trailers and previews that I've pretty much seen all the cool stuff the game has to offer before I even buy it. I want to be surprised as I play the game, not just feel like I'm ticking off a checklist of all the bits that were already shown off over the course of a year before the game was released.

    I think that's one of the things that made Demon's Souls one of my favourite games this generation - it just kind of came out of nowhere with very little hype beforehand so not too much expectation. Well unless you actually waited for the PAL version instead of importing, in which case you got to spend a year or so listening to the rest of the world talking up how awesome it was.

      What this guy said.

      I won't watch more than on trailer for a game now( just enough to get me interested) because far too much is given away in trailers now days. Take Naughty Dog's The Last Of Us for example; This is a game I'm just about wetting my pants in anticipation for, but I'm not taking the bait with these developer diary instalments, I want everything in the game to be a surprise.

      I'm with you too on Demon's Souls mate; I have little idea what the game was about, in fact it was my very first RPG too, I "borrowed" --still haven't returned it yet, sorry Dan"-- it of a mate who said it was just to hard and rage inducing for him, so I gave it a crack; and my lord was he right lol, but the game was just so compelling and captivating I just couldn't stay away for long. Even after rage quitting over and over I just kept coming back for more and inch by inch hour by hour (about 80 in total) I was victorious. It remains one of my greatest gaming achievements to date.

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