That Crazy Scottish Guy Reviews Ni No Kuni...

You may remember the overwhelmingly Scottish Tam McGleish from his hilarious Far Cry 3 review. It may have been the funniest video game related YouTube video I've ever seen, and I've been waiting for his next review ever since. Now it's finally here! This time, Tam gets fired intae Ni No Kuni.

The best part of Tam McGleish's reviews is that he doesn't just rely on humour. When his reviews are funny, they're laugh-out-loud funny, but they're also pretty incisive. His Far Cry 3 review was like that, but this Ni No Kuni review is actually put together really well. It might not hit the hilarious high notes of its predecessor, but it's actually — I would argue — a far more comprehensive review.

I'm a big fan, an ah cannae wait fur the next ane. Thanks for gien us the heids up Tam. That ane wis ah right belter ya big bawbag.

Argh! I always leave these videos far more Scottish than when I came in!

Oh, and language warning! That almost goes without saying!

You can follow Tam on Twitter or listen to the Gamewank podcast here.


    Heh Stargate reference <3. Fun reviews.

    Mind you, at 38 hours in now, I'm utterly convinced NNK is the most overrated game in the last 12 months at least. Inb4 implying that means I don't like it, good game, just not as deserving of the praise heaped on it, few too many flaws. And yeeeeeeeesh that AI is the worst thing since Super International Cricket on SNES.

      I LOVED super international cricket on the SNES.
      Which is astounding - as i hate cricket!

        Super International Cricket on the SNES was amazing. Me and a mate played so much of that game it's silly.

    I do agree with him though. If you have a PS3 and you're not bothered about Ni No Kuni then you're a wanker and you need to get that dealt with... ;-)

    I subbed to this guy when I saw the FC3 review.

    Tidy great stuff, mun.

    I'd buy a game with a quote from him on the box

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