The First Wolverine Trailer Shows Big Trouble In Actual Tokyo

The First Wolverine Trailer Shows Big Trouble In Actual Tokyo

We’ve seen the teasers, but now the first full-length trailer for The Wolverine is here, and… wow. Viper? Silver Samurai? Jean Grey? World War II? Bullet trains? Ninjas? The Wolverine has all of that and more.

Admittedly, I’m not sure how I feel about this “Wolverine becomes mortal” thing, but I really like how depressed he is at the beginning of the movie. After the events of X3 and X-Men Origins: Wolverine, I was pretty depressed too, and I only watched ’em, I didn’t have to live ’em.


  • Hopefully it’s ACTUAL Wolverine this time.

    I rewatched Origins…that’s one of the worst movies ever. He is completely different to his source material, and he only kills like 5 people in the entire movie….didn’t really feel like the “man vs animal” struggle he goes through.

    • For extra comedic value, watch the leaked edit which had all sorts of unfinished CGI. It’s a bad movie, but it’s baffling how much greenscreen they used. Even the most basic of scenes like Patrick Stewart at the end was greenscreened. You couldn’t have shot that in an actual forest?

  • I prefer movies with some basis on comic bok storylines, but this may have potential.
    I’m hanging out for a Deadpool movie with Ryan Reynolds, as long as they ditch the Origin ending.

    • I’ve found Deadpool to be one of my favourite Marvel characters of late – I didn’t realise Marvel had such a character!

      Favourite super hero is Powdered Toast Man. I love idiotic superheroes who somehow still get the job done, and you also never seem to know if their shenanigans are accidental or intended 😀

      Wish John K would bring him back :/

  • The fun part for me was that they did a bit of filming for this in a small town near where I grew up (Picton, NSW) and it’s easily recognisable in the trailer, albiet with many special effects layers to make it look like Canada instead. It’s weird going “Oh, there’s the Picton Hotel building… and there’s the old hardware store!” when they’re backgrounded by massive snowy mountains and foregrounded by snow covered roads and strange signs!

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