These Behind The Scenes Star Fox Interviews From 1993 Are A Must Read

These Behind The Scenes Star Fox Interviews From 1993 Are A Must Read

You know what’s missing from contemporary interviews with game developers? Their blood type. Such a critical fact that’s often overlooked. Not in 1993 though! Back then, knowing your A devs from your Os was all the rage, as these Star Fox retrospectives with the likes of Shigeru Miyamoto and composer Koji Kondo.

The interviews are courtesy of one “GlitterBerri“, who kindly translated the Japanese originals from this archive of images. The images are scans of a 1993 guidebook called “Star Fox: Mission File Printout”.

The book features team and individual photos, including one of a young-looking Shigeru Miyamoto. While the interviews a short, there’s quite a few of them, including some from the Western developers involved with the game.

Here’s a snippet from Miyamoto interview:

It took us 2 years to create the basic system manufacturing chip (the Super FX). The development of the game itself took 1 year. Star Fox marked the first time we sought the participation of English developers. Communicating with them didn’t go so well in early development. But after 2 months or so, they came to understand the Japanese-flavoured English spoken by our Japanese staff, and work began to go more smoothly.

And what he had to say when asked “what he wants you to see”:

… The perspective in Star Fox sits halfway between that of a play and that of a movie. If you consider the fact that you can control the camera yourself, you can experience the world of the game in a less detached manner than you would if you were watching a movie.

There’s loads more to read over at GlitterBerri — anyone feeling even remotely nostalgic should really take a look.

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Image: psycommando

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