While You Were Sleeping (Or Waiting To Play SimCity)

Today's While You Were Sleeping comes from Melbourne (it usually comes from Sydney in case you were wondering) and gosh diggity darn is it ever hot here. Let's get cracking and see what you might have missed over the weekend.

It was actually a big weekend for gaming news, mainly because of the ongoing Sim City debacle, which has actually started to get a little more positive. Things are beginning to get fixed and it's nice to report some good news related to this game for a change. EA is giving away a free game to everyone who bought SimCity. Good gesture, but it doesn't solve the problem.

So good job Maxis and EA are working towards solving the problem! It's very interesting to see Maxis come out and completely own the issue and say 'it's our fault'. That's rare, but positive. But, sadly, it would apparently take significant engineering to make SimCity a singleplayer only game.

But there was other big news — including some stuff about the Steam Box! It's launching this holiday season! Click here for more details.

Oh and we have comics.

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    It has been hot here for a week and it still will be for the next couple days.

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