Fallout: Lanius Is Making Its Debut At PAX Australia

Fallout: Lanius Is Making Its Debut At PAX Australia

We’ve been following the progress of Perth Director Wade K. Savage’s Fallout: Lanius fanflick from its announcement, to its Indiegogo crowd funding page. We’ve now been informed that the movie is close to completion and the premiere will take place at PAX Australia in July.

Technically Fallout: Lanius is a fan flick, but Savage is an accomplished theatre director and what we’ve seen so far seems to suggest that this movie will be a cut above. Obviously we’ll have to wait until we’ve seen the finished product, but Savage appears to have done a great job with his limited budget.

The team behind Fallout: Lanius will also be running a Q & A at PAX Australia, which takes place between July 19 and July 21. The schedule has yet to be released, so we’re not sure which day the movie will premiere. As soon as we know, we’ll let you know!


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