Australian Director Creating A 'High Production' Fallout Fan Movie

Fan made movies based on video games seem quite common nowadays, but very few are really worth watching. Fallout: Lanius however, looks set to buck that trend by creating a "high production" fan movie based on the Fallout universe. How "high production" are we talking? Well, for one thing, Director Wade K . Savage has actually gotten one of the game's voice actors to reprise their role from the game!

Savage, who is behind the project, is actually an experienced Theatre Director and he appears to be taking this quite seriously.

According to an early press release the movie will be "a blood soaked high concept action epic, which will explore the origin story of the primary antagonist "Legate Lanius" from the 2010 video game "Fallout: New Vegas"."

Actor Mitch Lewis, who voiced Legate Lanius, will actually feature in the movie. Savage has also managed to secure an illustrator and concept artist. His intent is to raise some early awareness of the movie, before undergoing some sort of crowd-sourcing venture towards the middle of the year.

Savage has released the first piece of concept art on his site.

According to Savage the film, titled Fallout: Lanius, will be different from any fan film recorded previously.

"In “Fallout: Lanius” I’ll be exploring the fall (or rise) of the man would one day become Legate Lanius." he wrote. "It represents an amazing opportunity to work in a world I love. It’s also very different from the current popular Fallout Fan series ‘Nuka Break’. Whilst ‘Nuka Break’ is primarily a comedy, ‘Lanius’ is altogether different in tone and style."

Sounds intriguing...


    ...and if it sucks, we can say "more like Fallout: Lamius, right? right?"


    ah the trusty ol' frying pan. even in a post apocalyptic world they find their use. angry housewives would be proud

    Peacemaker and Garrick your comments fit comically together! Haha

    God, this had better be awesome.

    This will be awesome! Can't wait to see it. Next stop do a Bioshock fan film!!

    Better not be full of cheesy Australian accents. We all sound like idiots and shouldn't be in movies.

      Crikey! This fella's flat out like a lizard drinking trying to make a you beaut, true blue, dinky di version of a Fallout movie and you're worried about us aussies sounding like a bunch drongos.... never happen mate.

    I predict annoying yobbo speak and shitty acting.

    Just come out with the next Nuka Break please or is that dead?

    Simon Boxer's concept artwork is incredible. If they match the costumes with the art they'll do well.
    Also, Australians make the best post-apocalyptic films. The landscape fits the theme to a tee.

    This guy needs to put this movie on Kickstarter. I'd give him $10... seriously.

    i just hope they get the lore right

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