Australian Made Fallout Movie Gets A Teaser Trailer

Australian filmmaker Wade Savage has been hard at work on the Fallout: Lanius fan film, a "blood soaked origin story" that focuses on the beginnings of Fallout: New Vegas' antagonist Legate Lanius, and now he's released the first actual footage from the movie itself, in the form of this trailer.

Seems pretty impressive so far.

Savage has also managed to hit his target on crowd-funding for the movie on indiegogo. With eight days left to go the project is sitting at just over $11,000. If you still want to donate to the funding of the movie head here.

I've been following this project since it was nothing but an idea and a set of storyboards. Well done to Wade and everyone involved for taking it this far. Great job everyone!


    Did they get Perlman to record an intro for that???

    Considering the awesome fan-piece he (RON PERLMAN) did for "The Punisher" - all it would likely take is to ask him... I only saw "Dirty Laundry" the other day and it was brilliant...

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