Ouya Unboxed On Video As First Units Arrive; 104 Games And Counting

Ouya Unboxed On Video As First Units Arrive; 104 Games And Counting

It’s hard to believe that the $US99 Android-based Ouya ‘indie console’ went from Kickstarter idea to the lounge room of early backers in around nine months. When the shipments went out a few days ago, Ouya confirmed that 104 games (plus entertainment apps like XBMC) were already published, well ahead of retail/pre-order release in the US, Canada and UK on June 4. Here’s a new unboxing video to give you an idea of the final build.

[clear] The Ouya is powered by a Tegra 3 processor, 1GB RAM and 8GB internal storage (expandable via USB). It supports 1080p and up to four controllers. Ouya founder and CEO Julie Uhrman says that more than 8,000 developers on board, from names you might know like Square Enix or Tripwire Interactive to a range of indie teams. Of course, Android games are also supported. Check out Ouya’s forums or Wikipedia for the full list of games you’ve mostly never heard of.

Bonus: Here’s Julie Uhrman running through the Ouya interface with TechCrunch.

The Ouya journey has begun.

But has it done enough yet to capture your interest?

[Ouya via Engadget and TechCrunch]



  • I’m borderline on ordering this, but I read today that apparently xbmc only works well with very specific format, which was my problem with PS3 and xbox.

    • XBMC on the Ouya or XBMC in general?
      I have been using it at home on a HTPC for around 3 months and there is nothing it has been unable to play so far.

      • XBMC on Ouya specifically. A guy did a review recently, and he found that some pretty common formats were dropping frames and stuff. If I do drop the cash on this, its because I want an improvement on my Raspberry Pi, which can play everything, but is a bit slow.

        • @thom Which RPI do you have? the 256 or 512 MB version? I set one up last night and it has flawless playback so far.

          • The 512. Unfortunately, its a tad underpowered, so fast-forwarding and rewinding is almost impossible. My processor als seems to be failing after about six months of use, which I suspect is due to poor heat distribution. Not a bad media centre for $40, but I want something a bit better,

  • I had no care for this thing at all, but having set up XBMC (OH GOD IT’S SO GOOD WHY DIDN’T I DO THIS YEARS AGO) in my bed room the other day and wanting to set up a HTPC in the lounge room next, this seems tempting now that I know it can run XBMC. Does anyone know how expandable it is in terms of hard drive space?

  • I have to admit, I’m starting to see genius in the Ouya idea. Firstly, it’s a cheap gaming console. Imagine how many parents will see this next to an Xbox/PS and opt for it based on its price. And secondly, it’s extremely balanced in the sense that it’s cheap, yet (potentially) functional enough that us techies will pick one up anyway just to play around with it (like a Raspberry Pi).

    • Maybe its the cynic in me but I doubt parents are savvy enough to purchase a console they’ve never heard of, and likely their kids don’t want, because it is cheaper than the alternative (which their kids probably asked for).

      Techies and the informed public sure, parents are creatures of habit.

      • Yeah, that is a good point. I guess a better way to put it would be that it lowers the barrier into gaming on a TV. If Ouya can get kids asking their parents for one, parents probably will be more inclined to buy a small $99 box than a big $X00 PS4. Ouya need to actually do some marketing before that will happen though.

      • I’m not so sure. I wanted a Super Nintendo when i was a kid, but my mum ended up buying an Atari 2600 for us for XMas because it was heaps cheaper and all she knew was that it played video games and figured it’d be the same thing.. boy was she wrong!

      • LOL!!! You make it sound like when you become a Parent you automatically become ancient and therefore clueless about Technology, my Mum yes sure, but she is 58. Your gross generalisations amuse me.

        • Not to get into an argument which is predicated on a biased sample size but I think I’m safe in saying “most parents” haven’t heard of the Ouya or would understand what it is since “most gamers” I talk to either haven’t heard of the Ouya or don’t understand what it is.

          I wasn’t trying to offend you savvy gamer parents out there, I was just trying to point out you are the minority.

  • Backed the Kickstarter and am really looking forward to this. Assuming the US will get theirs all first, but hoping the shipments to Aus aren’t too far behind.

    • From what they’ve said, it sounds like they’re shipping based on the order of when you backed the project. I got an email from them in December telling me I was backer number 36-thousand-and-something.

      • Hope so, I backed it within the first 24hrs of it being launched, but then so did many others. Haven’t seen any emails about mine being shipped yet, I assume they’ll send out shipped emails.

  • I’m a bit skeptical on this one. I mean the current Android game store is severely lacking in my opinion, and some recent hands on reports of the device have said there’s a lot of lag in the interface and controller.

  • I’ll give it a bit of time to see how the games pan out. I’m worried it’ll end up being a bit like the iOS / Android stores where you have a few great games that just get buried under a landslide of cheap crap.

    It’s certainly not something I’d buy instead of a PS4/Xbox-whatever, but maybe as a cheap second console.

  • Looking at the D-Pad on that thing I hope its not as terrible as the 360 D-Pad considering you can play emulated games. You need a good D-Pad for 2D platformers and stuff like Super Metroid is unplayable with a 360 controller.

  • Tegra 3? Hopefully that means we’ll have some great compatibility for Ouya specific titles on the N7. 😀

  • Assume I’ll need to buy an AU plug adaptor for this, but not wanting to use a transformer, can anyone confirm if the power adaptor is dual voltage?

  • This is a daft question I’m sure, but since I lack a TV, could I somehow get the Ouya to display on my laptop screen via the HDMI port? I’m running a MacBook Pro and in my head I can see reasons why that would work but also reasons why that’s totally stupid to think.
    I only ask because while I had no need for this before, now I live out of home and a small, cheap gaming console could be really great for me.

  • Cool stuff! I hope I, too, will be able to have one in my entertainment collection.

    Just want to share, I have been using XBMC with my Raspberry Pi for quite a while now and I must say that I am amazed how both work perfectly well together. I know a great resource that offers great XBMC compatible accessories. For those who are interested, here is the link to the site: http://qavo.com.au/raspberry-pi/.


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