This Is Why Gym Leaders Shouldn't Give Away Pokémon Badges Willy-Nilly

The way it should work is, if the Pokémon trainer defeats the gym leader, the trainer gets a badge. None of that touchy-feely "you get a badge because you proved your kindness" crap, like in this NSFW cartoon by egoraptor. Brock finds this out the hard way though.

PokeAwesome 2 - Getting a Gym Badge [egoraptor]


    Been waiting a long time for another egoraptor cartoon. Game Grumps must take up too much of his time!

      I highly doubt Game Grumps has anything to do with the delay. If you recall in a recent episode, he had to redo the entire ending (which means all that animation he did previously was scrapped and then re-done. Animating takes a lot of time, especially when you're trying to lip sync).

    Not as good as the first pokeawesome but he says he has more stuff on the way. So hopefully more awesome series work.

    In the first series didnt Ash get half his badges for being a good guy?

      Brock - Legitimately defeated, even though it defied game mechanics and took two battles.
      Misty - Saved the gym from a Team Rocket attack. Got given badge by Misty's sisters.
      Lt Surge - Defeated. but again, game mechanics says "wut?" and took two battles.
      Erika - Save Erika's Gloom from the burning gym after a Team Rocket attack. Given badge by Erika.
      Sabrina - Makes her laugh (Well, Haunter does) and brings out the good in her, along with causing her psychically linked Kadabra to laugh uncontrolably, and thus, unable to battle. Kind of a win?
      Koga - Genuine win, but took two battles after first was interupted by Team Rocket.
      Blaine - Same as Koga.
      Giovanni - A crazy one. Ash didn't fight Giovanni as he was away from the Gym at the time, dealing with Mewtwo after it blew up the research lab it was in. He left Jessie, James and Meowth in charge of the Gym with some of his Pokémon. Ash challenged the trio, eventually winning, even after they cheated and sent out multiple Pokémon at once. Jessie refused to give up the badge, but an explosion caused by Togepi blasts Team Rocket off, and Jessie drops the badge right in to Ash's hands. So, kind of a legitimate win, but Ash would not have won had Giovanni been there, as he had been using Mewtwo to battle with, as Gary found out earlier in the episode.

      So, yeah. Kinda half and half.

        Man this makes me want to watch the series again. Is it still going? I stopped I think after Ash won the Orange league.

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