According To PAX Australia, This Is The Best That Australian Indies Have To Offer

And, according to me, this is a very good list! PAX Australia is playing host to the Australian Indie Showcase, a spot on the showfloor that highlights the gosh-darned good work being done in this country. Six titles have been chosen and I think they have chosen wisely.

And the games are...


A mind-bending puzzle-platformer created by Alexander Bruce. This is a game that will make you feel stupid then, eventually, really clever. ———-

Black Annex

You may have heard of this one — it's being coded entirely in QBASIC by the insane Man Fight Dragon. ———-


I actually haven't seen this yet, but it comes from the creators of Time Surfer, so that's promising! ———-

Fractured Soul

This is a game with the most fascinating development story ever. I'm actually working on a big feature story about this game and this team, so stay tuned! For now, might as well watch the trailer for this super interesting game.


Another puzzle game designed to make the synapses in your brain set themselves on fire. ———-

MacGuffin's Curse

I remember looking at MacGuffin's Curse when it was all knee high to a grasshopper and just a bunch of sketches and stuff. Look at it now! [Sniff] ———-

Congrats to all the games chosen! And congrats to PAX Australia on the great choices! Head to the official PAX website for more info.


    I didn't realise Antichamber was made by an Australian, it's really simplistic yet brilliant :)
    Haven't heard of the others. Fractured Soul looks great but just watching that video, I don't think I'd be very good at it lol

    Oh man, Antichamber <3

    I have been lusting after that game for ages now. SOON, MY PRETTY!

      The game has been released for about a month now on steam.

      Also really thats it, they really should of went all out on submissions.

      AntiChamber was released months ago... why not now?

    Woo! Black Annex! Woo everyone! Look at that game! Woo!

    Now do a top 10 Professional game developer list..... oh wait THERE ISN'T ANY!!!

    Love Anti-chamber. Also had no idea it was an Australian Dev.

      It's true. I am doing the same course at uni as he did; he started it two years before me. Pretty much everyone could tell that if anyone was going to make it in the industry, it was him.
      Nice guy, with just the right amount of crazy.

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