PAX Australia Dates Have Just Been Announced

PAX Australia Dates Have Just Been Announced

PAX Australia is the biggest convention on the Australian calendar, so it’s nice that in 2020 it’ll continue last year’s tradition of dodging the Melbourne Cup entirely.

The official account announced that PAX Australia 2020 would run over October 9 to October 11, which is perfect in all sorts of ways. Apart from being nowhere near the Melbourne Cup, which makes flights and accommodation a lot easier, it’s also just before what will probably be the launch of the new Xbox and the PlayStation 5.

Sony and Microsoft had a solid showing at PAX Australia last year – Sony in particular – and with new hardware, their booth presence should be enormous. It’ll be after the game launches, but Bandai Namco should have a mammoth space too with Cyberpunk 2077 and Final Fantasy 7 Remake, not to mention everything else in their roster and the ongoing success of Final Fantasy 14.

For those who went last year – or those who missed – what would you want to see from PAX Australia 2020?


  • I followed your recommendation to go check out the Moral Panic panel and I wasn’t disappointed. Quite looking forward to some more ‘not what you’d expect’ sessions this year.

    That, and of course, tabletop … something I say I want to spend more time at every year and then never get around to it!

  • Yeah, it clashes with the Around The Bay In A Day instead (which is a week later than last year…).

    Ah well. I’m not fit enough to do the ATB right now anyway. Beer and games it is then!

  • The thing I learned from PAX last year: Never do one day of PAX. Always do the full three days.

    Not making that mistake again.

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