PAX Australia Tickets Are Available From Today

PAX Australia Tickets Are Available From Today

It’s that time of year again. Tickets for PAX Australia are going out later today, and as an added bonus, the convention isn’t taking place on the Melbourne Cup weekend.

As with previous years, you can buy passes for each day individually or for all three days entirely. Ticket sales are scheduled to kick off in the next 15 minutes via the official website, with prices sett at $65 for individual days or $170 for the 3-day pass.

“It turns out planning PAX is much like scheduling a D&D game, and when we sat down to plan the first weekend we all had free was in October. Apologies to any other sessions we may have disrupted,” PAX Australia content manager Luke Lancaster said in a release.

The earlier time frame, however, is no small matter. Being placed outside of Melbourne Cup festivities should at least make accommodation and flights a fraction easier, as it’s just PAX fans flocking to the city, as opposed to half of Australia trying to get famous for being shitfaced.

No other news about the show has been announced as of yet, but we’ll keep you posted as we know more.


  • Noice. Happy about the new dates for it, already booked flights and accommodation and saved ~$70 – 80 compared to last year.

    Last year they also had the MotoGP at Philip Island on the same weekend, what a clustertruck at the airport on Monday.

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