PAX Australia Tickets Are On Sale Today

Tickets to the now annual PAX Australia convention will be put on-sale from today.

Starting from noon today you can head here to pick up day passes, weekend passes — whatever tickles your fancy.

You can head here to pick up tickets.

Day passes will set you back $65, three day passes cost $165. You can pick up a Bring Your Own Computer pass for $45.

People travelling from overseas or interstate can find deals on hotels at the official PAX Australia site.


    I didn't go to PAX last year. That was a mistake. I should probably go to PAX this year. That would not be a mistake.

      Probably going would be a mistake.

      Actually definitely certainly going would not be a mistake...


    I told myself i'd go this year. But I probably won't. Because i'm good at procrastinating & also i'd need time off work, which sucks when you're a casual.

    I'm really torn. I might just get a one day pass this year.

    Ugh, this is something that annoys me. Why sell tickets for something when you don't have a schedule? I've always found it hard to justify going when I have no idea what's going to be happening there but if I wait to find out all the tickets are sold out by the time they have a schedule.

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