The Australian Who Said He'd Change Video Games, Is Working In The Geospatial Industry

You may remember Euclideon as the Australian company that claimed it could revolutionise video game visuals by replacing polygons with voxels. Back then Euclideon's founder Bruce Dell told us that, in time, we would see the full potential of his Infinite Detail engine and what it can do.

But since then; silence. Bruce Dell surfaced now and then to retort claims he was a "snake oil salesman" but we've seen very little of his 'unlimited detail' since. But now Euclideon has uploaded its first YouTube video in over a year and it's... a presentation to the Geospatial Industry?


It seems as though, for now, Euclideon is heading in a slightly different direction, creating 'Geoverse' a program designed to use its technology to change the way the Geospatial Industry. Apparently the industry has a problem with displaying the huge amount of detail being scanned by 3D laser scanning — we have the storage capabilities to record the data, but not the computational power to actually show the detail being recorded.

It's an interesting tangent for the company to take — but happened to the promises of 'Infinite Detail' and what that technology meant for games? Apparently the team hasn't abandoned games, but we're hoping to get in touch with Bruce to get some sort of update on what's happening there because, for now, it looks as though Euclideon is moving in a completely different direction.

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    I'm still with notch, this company screamed 'scam' to me. I've yet to see anything to convince me otherwise.

    Oh man, voxels. Who remembers Outcast??? Such a rad game.

    Another year another video. I'll reserve my judgement for when it's actually got real life users rating it.

      But as we saw in 2011, waiting for years on something that was rarely demo'd outside its first few ambitious videos came to the conclusion everyone knew it would, and wasn't it great!?

    I think it was a smart idea for these guys to step back from gaming tech and into the geospacial area. Seems to a better fit to me and I have to say what they've done looks really impressive.

    I called this happening last time we heard from them.

    Voxels... aren't we still trying to get megatextures to work?

    Given the apparent limitations of the Infinite Detail engine, specifically that animation would be far too difficult, this is probably a good fit for Euclideon's technology. The geospatial industry doesn't need to show changing geometry, they need to show as much of the geometry they already have as they can. I'm not going to quibble with an Australian company finding a good use for their technology, assuming it does work as advertised.

      cant they use this as a base for the backgrounds and buildings then overlay it with rendered destructable envrionments and set pieces? that would be epic

        They are working with giga/terabytes point cloud data in the geospatial industry and haven't proved the usage for other graphics formats.

        I imagine collision and depth calculations would be a problem, but really the most pressing problem was that Euclideon wouldn't let anyone use it.

        But there's really nothing stopping anyone from using voxel engines right now, which get you a lot of the benefits you'd get from pasting polygons over a point cloud engine, and you're seeing a few devs do just that.

    There's a Geospatial Industry?

      Mapping. But more advanced :)

        I suppose if there's more than one person who works on a thing, it becomes an Industry.

          You'd be surprised how many people use this stuff. Insurance industry, surveyors, architects, large construction projects, emergency services, traffic management, environmental services and many more industries require this kind of expertise. Even "big data" collectors are starting to utilise geospatial engineering as a way to analyse how location influences their results.

          Not to mention the big daddy of them all; Google Maps don't just draw themselves :-P

            Ha. Now that you mention it, at a past job I used a lot of geospatial analytical tools like GIS software packages, DEMs and even google earth for telecoms planning. I suppose I always thought of them as tools and data sets rather then the outputs of an 'industry'... just a subset of other desktop modelling software.

    This makes good sense to me. Glad to see their tech is going somewhere it can make a proper useful contribution.
    That's not to say it wouldn't look nice in games, but the tech is much more naturally suited to static scenes.

    That's still speculation. Until they release something other than grandiose statements no one really knows what the tech is capable of. You can make an educated guess, but you can't categorically say the tech can't handle dynamic scenes.

    It's good to see it out there in a provable, hands-on manner, though, even if it does nothing to address the concerns everyone has about its role in games.

      To be fair, games are in a pretty shitty/volatile place right now. Might not be the best time to be moving into them?

      (Or they're in a golden age. Take your pick.)

      Last edited 27/05/13 4:40 pm

    Sounds like a much better fit for the tech than gaming. I wish them well.

    He's still a snake oil salesman, and his technology is still an over-exaggerated scam. Every time he surfaces it's to make another plea for funding that somehow goes missing and a year later he's doing the same thing again.

      Care to cite references (not opinions from professionals)?

        No, because you can't cite references on technology that doesn't exist. It's the equivalent of proving a negative in logic, it can't be done.

    To hell with this I want the return of sprites and Multicolor sprites.

    Clicks and drags "file" into window, claims to instantly load.... it then immediately flies around itself; haha all they did was drag a video into a custom player and let it run

    These guys were in geospatial imaging and medical imaging before they brought up the idea of using it for games.

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