Could This Australian Company Revolutionise Video Game Visuals?

Euclideon is an Australian company based in Brisbane. It’s also the creator of ‘Unlimited Detail’ – a technology the company is claiming will change the way developers create visuals in video games. I’m not a developer and only have a layman’s knowledge of precisely how this technology works, so I’m unsure with regards to how legit this technology actually is – but it’s definitely worth checking out the demonstration video to decide for yourself.

We’re a little cynical – the kind of processing power required to run this kind of tech, and have games running at a stable framerate, is an unknown quantity – but we’re wondering if this tech could be the foundation for something spectacular.

I’m keen to hear the thoughts of people more informed in these processes – is this a hoax? Is this technology viable? Let us know in the comments below.

Thanks to Adam Mathew for sending it in!

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