Inside Euclideon: A Significant Number Of Staff Let Go, But ‘Infinite Detail’ Still Exists

Euclideon is the Australian company best known for its Infinite Detail engine, the voxel-based technology that Markus ‘Notch’ famously called “a scam”. Since releasing the initial demo years ago, Euclideon went mostly silent, popping up recently to unveil a new piece of software designed to revolutionise, of all things, the geospatial industry. But now Kotaku has learned that it has made five of its staff redundant, and taken two contractors off staff, reducing Euclideon’s staff count by a significant percentage.

One of Euclideon’s ex-staff members told us the redundancies came as a surprise. According to the former staff member, Euclideon’s CEO Bruce Dell and much of the upper management had spent months informing staff that the company was in a great financial state, that multiple big contracts had been signed, that the future was bright. It was only when the redundancies were made that upper management didn’t have a distribution network in place to support sales and hence no actual revenue in the near future, the former staffer said.

Euclideon has recently finished off most of the work on its ‘Geoverse View’ laser scan/point cloud data visualisation tool. Now the project is almost complete, apparently there was no need for a number of people on staff. A Quality Assurance Tester, a Project Manager, one Programmer, a Marketing/PR employee, the head of Sales, a Sales Assistant and an R&D Programmer were apparently all let go.

But despite being made redundant, our source had nothing but good things to say about Euclideon’s work and went to great pains to insist that all the technology its CEO Bruce Dell had discussed in demonstration videos and interviews did exist. Apparently clients were very impressed with the technology on display and plans are in place to develop the Infinite Detail engine to “a stage where it could eventually be utilised for games”.

The only reason Euclideon comprehensively disappeared from view, claimed the source, was that resources were being directed towards the completion of its ‘Geoverse’ project. “We didn’t want to announce anything until the release of the new product so we had something to show,” the source informed Kotaku.

Ultimately, despite losing work, our source remained positive about their experience at Euclideon and looks forward to more details from the Infinite Detail project coming to light.

“Euclideon was in fact a good company to work for,” said the source. “I hope I don’t come across as bitter in this at all. I really do hope the technology gets out there and shows everyone just how good it really is and can finally put all the fake claims to rest.”

We’ve been in contact with Euclideon directly and it has confirmed that five permanent staff members were made redundant and two contract workers did not have their contracts renewed, but would not discuss the issue any further. We were told that an official statement would be forthcoming; we’ll update if we learn more.

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