Here Are The Only Images We Have Of The PS4 So Far

The world's first reveal of the PlayStation 4 hit earlier today. Yes, it was blurry. And frantic. But those 39 seconds held some images of actual details from the upcoming console. We just don’t know what they are yet. So let’s take some guesses. Please tell us what you think each part does, won't you?

The mosaic above contains stills from the PS4 teaser video, with various vents, ports holes and rounded bits captured for your perusal. These things are probably important, right? They must be, or else they wouldn’t be hightighted in a teaser. Or maybe Sony’s marketing department just put a unit on a lazy susan, spun the thing around and picked out a few random shots to troll us all. Either way, see what sense you can make of this hardware design. Share your thoughts in the comments below.


    lots of vents

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      Looks like an old, abandoned alienware-style laptop, except alienware have more style.
      It's very Sony, though.

      if the vents are anything to go by, i am not going to like this design

      Wow! I hope it doesn't look like that. That thing looks like a futuristic version of the Atari 2600 from a really bad 1980's scifi movie.

    That circular grill looks like the drip tray on a coffee machine.

      OH MY GOD!!1
      IT MAKES COFFEE TOO?!?!111


    Ladies and gentlemen - the PS4!

      Lol! Look how many dvd slots it has!!

    The top rightmost picture looks like an extreme closeup of a piece of human anatomy that could be referred to by the same name as a part of a camel's foot.

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