Here Is What Forza Will Look Like On Xbox One

With all that next-gen processing power, you didn’t expect Xbox One to launch without a Forza title, did you? Here is Forza Motorsport 5, from Turn 10 Studios. It will be available at launch.


  • Just me or even with the HD Enabled this video looks crap quality? FInd a better Quality IMO 🙂

  • even the HD settings is pixelated, can’t really tell where it looks any better from Forza 4…

    • Not only that, it looks like a pre-rendered cutscene – the brief in-car driving that is shown is washed out with stupid lens flare. The game could have the best graphics engine in the world, but its going to mean nothing if the only times it gets utilized is fly by cameras in areas a driver would never see, let alone have time to as he flies past at 300kph. Most people will be wanting to drive, not watch after race playbacks.

      Heres hoping they release a gameplay trailer in the near future.

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