If The Zombies Learn Parkour, We're All Screwed

Slow zombies may be a cliche, but I'd take them any day over having to figure out how to survive against super agile, parkour-knowing zombies — like the ones in this video by ronniestreetstunts.

Though maybe they'd be too busy showing off their flippy moves to actually pose a threat? Hmm.

Zombie Parkour — The Flipping Dead [ronniestreetstunts via Laughing Squid]


    as cool as parkour is, a lot of it seems to just be showy jumps and tricks, which disappoints me a little. If you're after someone, why go do a pointless somersault in the air that just ends up putting you about two steps further than you were from when you jumped?! If it gives you the momentum or something to help you with jumping a certain distance or height, then sure, hell yea, but if it's just for show, it's a little less interesting for me at least.

      There's actually a distinction between freerunning, which involves the flashy flips and style as shown in the video, and parkour which is actually about efficiency of movement. Most videos have it labelled parkour but it is usually freerunning in reality.

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