Meet The Real, Ass-Kicking Chun Li

There's been a gif doing the rounds this week of a French cosplayer performing an impressive rendition of Chun Li's lightning kick. It's based on this 2011 clip, and it's pretty good!

I'm not sure who the cosplayer/performer in question is, but seeing it reminded me of a similar clip in which we do know the star: Chloe Bruce's 2010 masterclass in Capcom-flavoured martial arts, which never fails to blow your socks off, and which I see has never actually been posted here. Time to fix that.

Chloe is a British martial artist who has appeared on TV and in Hollywood movies like the upcoming Thor sequel, Brad Pitt's World War Z and Wrath of the Titans.

She's also done video game work. Played Mirror's Edge? She did martial arts motion capture for the game.

The video above is her most famous Chun Li performance, but it's not the only time she's appeared as the character; she cosplayed last year for a photo shoot with British martial arts crew Thr3guys.

You can check out more videos of Chloe's work on her site.


    That is seriously amazing stuff, but I have to point that the first gif is from a Spanish-speaking country. (Use of the language makes me think South America.)

    what, no spinning bird kick?

    i will not be impressed until someone does Ryu and Ken's spinning dragon kick. FOR A FULL 3 SECONDS.

    Ya know most guys would feel emasculated, embarrassed or intimidated by chicks that could kick their ass but I personally would be chuffed to say my Mrs could do this.
    And my god wouldn't the sex be good, lol :p

    now why can't they make iconic theme music for characters like they did in the original SF2??
    SF4 characters have very forgettable and most of the time unnoticeable theme music

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