PS4 Fans Still Winning The Next-Gen Gif Battle

This is...words escape me.

For reference, it's hyping Sony's PS4 press conference at E3, and Tony Stark is legendary developer (and PS4 wizard) Mark Cerny.

If anyone knows who actually made this thing, let me know so we can give credit (and rapturous applause).

(thanks GreenLantern09!)


    I found these three sentences bizarrely difficult to read.

    this is... uhhh... it's just that... since when has there even been a next gen gif battle?

    and in the event that there is, what does iron man have to do with the PS4 and how does it constitute any sort of valid or remotely arguable point...

    or better yet, why is kotaku writing articles about single gifs?

      Gotta keep up that post-every-ten-minutes quota. The more important question is why am I reading this stuff at 1am?

    this is what i understood... " わからないよ 英語じゃない"

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