Space Shooter Uses Kickstarter As Appetiser, Stuffs Face Via Paypal

Kickstarter has proven to be a boon for independent game development, especially if you're an industry veteran making games publishers don't want to bankroll anymore. Wing Commander creator Chris Roberts certainly falls into that category, with his Star Citizen game making over $US2 million during its Kickstarter campaign.

Which might sound like a lot of money, but it's nothing compared to the game's final tally.

Star Citizen's website made nearly $US7 million on its own. Which means people told other people they used to play space shooters with that, hey, this guy is making a new one, they went there, donated, washed, rinsed and repeated.

All up, the game made $US9.1 million.

It's a staggering amount of money for a video game to receive when there's no publishing or distributor expenses to cover. Here's hoping it's worth it.

Star Citizen [Site]


    So to fill in the missing details of this article:
    Chris Roberts started a crowd funded drive on his website, with the aim of getting $2million, with the aim of using these funds to secure a further $4m to $6m of funding from an outside publisher, after about 20 odd days the kickstarter for it launched as well, with the total already sitting at just over $1million.

    The total at the end of the kickstarter, and close of the official drive on the website was $6.2 million, with $2.1 million coming from kickstarter pledges. There was a final 24 hour live stream with entertainment and answers from Chris Roberts and various team members about the game concept, and the adventures of Lamp (all hail the lamp) were also told. The total has slowly crept up over the intervening months due to some people becoming 'members' and donating $10 or $20 per month which gives them access to a monthly pdf news letter with details of the game, backstories, and work in progress details such as the development of certain ships ect. People can still pledge, or upgrade their existing pledges to unlock new ships and rewards.

    The figure now stands at $9.1 million and continues to grow.

    awesome this means theres no excuse not to have mark hamil in this somewhere, and and maybe a few characters of firefly :D

    Slow news day eh?

    Which means people told other people they used to play space shooters with that, hey, this guy is making a new one, they went there, donated, washed, rinsed and repeated.
    What a horribly awkward sentence.

    Or it means people without access to a credit card were actually able to donate to this one.

    I don't know if calling this game a space shooter really gives justice to world Chris Roberts wants to create.

    Its a fully fledged mmo space sim, with a 50 mission single player game, attached to the same universe.

    If you are interested create an account then read this thread it tells you everything you need to know.

      Since the days of Freelancer I have taken Roberts assessments with a large grain of salt. Despite his ambitions ("mouse-based controls revolution in spacesim" before Freelancer launched, when it effectively dumbed down combat) the combat in his games was very much space-shooter, not space-sim. See for example a real space-sim a la "Independence War" (Newtonian physics etc). Also the trading and equipment aspects, while present, never approached anything like simulating an economy (pricing, demand and supply etc).

      So yeah, not dissing Roberts, I think, its great that he is working on this. But the embellishment of his work seems a bit strange to me, considering what titles such as I-War and the "X"-franchise have achieved, when it comes to actually simulating stuff. I guess, we will see, how this one turns out.

        I don't think you should use Freelancer as an example of something delivered by Chris Roberts. Sure he started the development, and did promise big things for the game, but after Microsoft bought out Digital Anvil and Chris moved on the game was release 2-3years later in Microsoft spec.
        But it is fair to have reservations about anything. I'm hoping he does wing commander and privateer justice to this, with new tech he has access too in this day and age.

        You're talking about a game which may have been started by Chris but was taken over by Microsoft who in turn screwed it, What about the wing commander games?

        Its going to be a full mmo sandbox space sim with full Newtonian Physics. If you do like space games I would give it a chance and actually watch/read some of the stuff they have been talking about.

      when i first read the description the new space discovery and naming concept sounded like bitcoin mining but your mining new galaxies or whatever to name and theres no resale value

      in other words more of the grinding that i hate about mmo games

      Last edited 02/05/13 1:49 pm

        its more sandbox so there is no grinding just gaming.

          but how much you want to bet that the hardcore guys will make it about being the first to name every new discovery

    Also if you pledge before the release of the new website (end of may) you get Life time insurance on your ships.

      It appears new pledges get 6 months insurance, not life. Luckily I was in the initial drive

        there is a 9 mil stretch goal that gives anyone who pledges before the release of the new website lti

    The one game next year I'm giddy with anticipation for. Donated to the fund already and am eagerly awaiting the final product.

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