The Kingdom Hearts 'Remix' Hits PS3 On September 10

Kingdom Hearts 1.5 will be out on September 10, the folks at Square Enix said today. The PS3 exclusive features an HD remake of the original Kingdom Hearts and the PS2 game Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories.

It's also got cinematic scenes from Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, and extra content from Kingdom Hearts Final Mix. And if your head hurts from all these names, we don't blame you.

Also, if you pre-order the game, you get an artbook.



      Because it'd be too much time and effort for no-one in particular. There might be a lot of people who talk about how they'd buy it but it wouldn't be worth it when you can get it on PSN for a significant discount when it still plays fine, anyway. And even if it sold as much as a brand new triple-A game, the amount of work it'd take to make models instead of the background textures they used would be incredible. Just buy the old version

      Because Final Fantasy VII is the most overrated game in existence.

      It really doesn't make any sense. Doing this with 7 is basically making a machine that spits out money constantly.

      Cause ff7 would need to have graphics remade from scratch (maybe programmed from scratch too?) but this is just updated graphics

      Because this is a remaster and not a remake? Unless you're perfectly fine with HD polygons doing what they did in 1997...

    I can't wait for this game. I am a hardcore Kingdom Hearts fan and have been so since the English release of the first game, it was my first PS2 game and I have a copy of every Kingdom Hearts game released in Australia excluding Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories for the GBA. This game is practically my childhood in physical form and to see it grow up (HD Remastered) is amazing. I will be pre-ordering this later today so I can get the artbook. I'm pretty excited :3

    P.S. I got some feels when I watch the above video, Xion's life (and death) will be so much sadder. in HD especially when there are actual cutscenes instead of reading text bubbles.

    P.P.S. I wonder how many comments it takes for some fan to rage about the lack of KH3.... -.-

      Spoiler! in the above comment. On a related note:
      I don't think so. I loved 358/2 because the way it was structured, with the cutscenes being few and far between, made the story more meaningful (even if it made the game drag). So, what happened to Xion had that much more impact. Having just the cutscenes will change that. Still be cool reminiscing but

      Well I'm not too fussed about waiting for KH3, it'll come when it comes. A bit sad that they spread the games over multiple platforms, haven't had the chance to play Birth By Sleep or Dream Drop Distance. Heck, I don't even own a PS3 but I'll probably buy KH3 and borrow a friend's PS3 to play it.

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    Now if they hurry up and release FFX&X-2 it would be great.

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