The Phoenix Wright HD Trilogy Is Finally Out On iOS Today

After several delays, the HD remake of the planet's best lawyer simulator is finally live on iOS. You can get the first three Phoenix Wright games on iPhone and iPad right now.

The app is totally free, and it comes with the first two cases of game #1. If you like what you play, you can buy the rest of the first game for $6.49 and the other two games for $7.49 each. Or you can buy the whole pack for $17.99.

That's pretty damn cheap for three of the best adventure games out there. Originally released for the Game Boy Advance in Japan, and then for the DS in the West, the first three Phoenix Wright games are hilarious, well-written, and ridiculously charming.

I haven't spent much time with the iOS version, but it looks pretty thus far. If you've played it, post your impressions here.


    KOTOR and Phoenix Wright: awesome for mobile gaming. Crossing fingers for android supporr

    Even though I've alread played the games, I'm still sore I can't get this on Android.

      It baffles me that studios only release on one platform, like they haven't seen the statistics that over 55% of smartphones are now Android OS...

        Android == Open environment where the user has near full customisation of the device.

        iOS == Everything is locked down to its underpants.

        There's your reason why they went with iOS.

      What's there to be sore about? $18 bucks for a port from a DS which in turn was a port from the GameBoy?

      While it is a good game, you are not losing anything there. This is just price gouging.

        They put work into it (being HD), it's only like five years old, and there are three games included of a pretty decent length. And most full games are ~$5 apiece (except SE, 'course :P) when ad/microtransaction-free

          I do not mean to be rude but this is a port of the first game and it was originally a Japan only game for the GBA back in 2001 (at least if Wikipedia is to be believed).

          So if the source is accurate, the game is really 12 years old.

      The great thing about owning an iOS device is that you don't have to wait a year to get smartphone apps and games like you do on android.

    This app isn't very good, I bought it and got all the episodes because I was excited.
    Then I noticed how choppy the animations were, it seems like Capcom cut corners with this release.
    Also, they've changed some of the music, the text font is bland as hell, the text box looks out of place, when you click the "next" button all the buttons on screen disappear and reappear - it looks half assed IMO.
    Also scene transitions (especially with text) are slow as hell.

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