The PS4 Had Better Hit Europe In 2013...

... otherwise this full-page ad in Britain's Metro newspaper is going to look very silly indeed.

While a 2013 release for the United States is a certainty, there have been fears that, like was the case with the PS3, Europe would get Sony's latest console a few months late. Hopefully this means that isn't the case.

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    Well M$ have promised a worldwide release day for the XBone...Sony would be idiots if they didn't do the same.
    The world is a small place in 2013.

      Yeah,but if anyone is getting shafted tou know it's gonna be us Aussies....

        Yeah I know. I really want to get myself one for xmas. Gives people and excuse to get me a game or two. I plan on getting AC4 and Watch Dogs on PS4. I do not want to wait till 2014 to get Nov 13 releases.

    Whatever happens in Europe, if we have the PS4 in AustrAlia this year, I'll be amazed.

    Is this a ploy to try and get everyone to buy newspapers in the aim of opening it up on the bus to work one day and finding a release date? It's like Murdoch's on the Sony advertising team

      Isn't Metro the UK equivalent of MX, and given for free at train stations?

        actually, yes it is. I remember avoiding the girls handing it out like I do over here.

        Maybe it's a ploy to stop people leaving them on train seats :-D

        Last edited 25/05/13 3:12 pm

    u guys do know that, thats a PES2014 ad right !!

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