These Guys Make The Best Damn Trailers In The Business

They don't use expensive pre-rendered cinematics. They don't license famous old songs. They don't play on TV during the NBA playoffs. But that doesn't matter. Niche PC publisher Paradox Interactive still makes the best video game trailers in the world regardless.

Above, you can see their latest, for the very hardcore, very PC game Crusader Kings II (well, its new expansion, The Old Gods). It's an expansion about Vikings, so, metal, yeah. Genius.

Below are some other Paradox trailers. I have laughed more, and forwarded these to more friends, than anything I've ever seen on a stage at E3. And isn't that half the battle with a trailer?


    One of the games I never got round to getting on Steam sales. Will have to grab it next time it's cheap and crank ze metulz up when playing. I already have a beard

      It's on sale right now, 75% off for the game and all DLC except The Old Gods.

      its cheap right now. 75% off. $10, or $20 with all the DLC. Offer ends Friday morning.

    pretty sure those are the most awesome gametrailers ever...

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