They're Making A Sequel To That Horrible Super Mario Bros. Movie... As A Comic Book

Since no studio in its right mind would film an actual, proper sequel to the borked Super Mario Bros. movie a group of people have taken it upon themselves to create a web comic to expand the universe created by the movie. Why would anyone want to do this?

Why not ladies and gentlemen. Why not?

I can probably rattle of 30 reasons why not but this is the internet and anything is possible. That includes a Super Mario Bros. 2 comic.

You can check out a couple of pages here. And there's more information about the project here. I actually really like the art. I could definitely be convinced to read this. Definitely.

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    inb4 they rip off an obscure japanese manga and storyline by photo-shopping mario, luigi, toad and peach into a "not quite mushroom kingdom" setting.

    Seriously, It was not that horrible a movie.

      I haven't met a single person who didn't like it. It's universally accepted as bad, but like, everyone actually enjoyed it. It's pretty funny.

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        I feel like I'm going to get a bit of heat for this, but...I didn't like it. I honestly couldn't tell you why that is, but it just didn't do anything for me. Normally I just love the bunch of video game adaptions that came during the nineties (I still whip out both the Jean Claude Van Damme/Raul Julia Street Fighter movie and the original Mortal Kombat movie every 6 months or so and just bask in the utter cheese), but the Super Mario Bros movie just didn't have that same feel to me. Maybe it's that these films at least tried to stick to the source material in some ways, whereas SMB only stuck to it in the loosest of senses?

        That being said, it's been quite a few years since I've seen it. I'm pretty sure I snapped up a DVD copy on the cheap a few years back on a whim, so maybe I should give it another chance?

      Agreed! An integral piece of my childhood that has stood the test of time. It's camp and ridiculous but so much damn fun to watch. Every time.

      Yeah it seems like it's one of those "it's cool to bash" things. Granted I haven't seen it for about 20 years, but it honestly wasn't THAT bad.

      "You know that Mario Brothers movie from the 90's, the one with Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo? Every time I hear someone bring that up, it's usually by saying "In a strange way, I liked that film," or "I'm probably the only person who thought that film was quite good". Every single time. I think we, as a culture, should probably all collectively agree that everyone kind of liked the Mario Brothers movie. And therefore the Mario Brothers movie might actually have been good." - Yathzee

      I watched it to death on a VHS ages ago. Its still a great sci-fi movie even if it had little to do with the Mario games. He makes some pretty good points here actually. worth a read.

    That link to the comic set off my trojan detector

      Yeah Nortons popped up saying it had blocked something when I tried the link too :/

      One of the writers of the comic here. I sincerely apologize for the issue. Our site was the victim of a viral hack recently, which we are doing our best to resolve.

      Please try visiting the site again in a few days. We should have everything fixed by then. Thanks!

    I am one of the writers of the comic. Our site was the victim of a viral hack recently, which we are doing our best to resolve.

    Please try visiting again in a few days. We should have everything fixed by then. Thanks!

    Yep. Ok we get it. Mario Bros. is a shit movie. But stop shoving it down peoples throats.
    Some people do enjoy it for what it is - A technically shit film, that's a kickarse fun ride
    "wheres my pizza?"

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    C'mon Serrels - time to lay off. You know that this movie was released two years after Uwe Boll started making films? It is possible that things could've been a lot, lot worse.

    Yeah, I remember back in 1993 being disappointed in the movie, but I didn't hate it. Granted, I was a 13 year-old boy which is pretty much exactly who this movie was made for. I was just totally disappointed that it beared so little resemblence to the games I loved.

    I recently bought the DVD and showed it to my 5 and 7 year-old nephews who are also huge Mario fans. They both loved it! They want to watch it again next time they're round. So go figure. It's certainly no masterpiece of cinema, but it's a bit of mindless, dumb fun.

    I have been waiting 20 years for them to resolve that cliffhanger ending

    Here's the sad part about the movie.... the setting and the ENDING. ORIGINALLY, the directors were plannong on having an all out.detentions battle on the broken bridge. During the battle battle,Koopa was suppose to be in his full Dino form. That would of been badass. BUT due to budget issues, and computer graphing not being as high as it is today..... they dropped the idea. Also, having husband and wife as directors lead it to distaster . I also also think that the atmosphere was abit small. The king being guess was dumb too. Better of having him locked up in a cell or something. I liked the movie growing up. But, would like to see some effort fixing it, lol.

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