This Game Shows That Being A God Is Just Like Playing A Board Game

From A Valley Without Wind creator Arcen Games comes Skyward Collapse, a turn-based god game for the PC that entices not with its looks, but with its premise. As the Creator, your job is to keep the two factions on your floating continent alive by preventing one from overpowering the other and protecting them from outside danger.

In other words, babysitting — with mythological creatures, artifacts, and vengeful gods. The trailer above can give you a glimpse into what it looks like.

Skyward Collapse is coming to Steam tomorrow, and should be worth a look if the idea of guiding the fates of nations appeals to you.

Skyward Collapse [Arcen Games]


    Looked good, until I saw the battles and the complete utter lack of animation. It like they didn't even try. Or it's 1995 again.

    I just hope the difficulty level is slightly lower than with AI fleet war.
    That game did my head in, so much going on

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