What Are You Playing This Weekend

It's time to be real here. After writing off pretty much the last two hours of my work day yesterday, I'm pretty close to finishing that stupid goddamn game about Candies. Yesterday I left my Candy tab running overnight. I have so many candies. I have literally millions of lollipops. Now is the time. When I get home tonight, I will finish this bloody game!

It's strange — the only games that have sucked me in this year have been an insane desktop game and a handheld spin-off sequel I thought would be complete garbage.

Yep — the other game I'm continuing to plod through is Luigi's Mansion 2. I can't remember ever feeling so surprised by a game. It's been years. I could go on and on about the merits of Luigi's Mansion 2, but I'll keep it short and say that it's simply a game that indulges in details — sexy, sexy details. It's a game fully in-tune with its mechanics and it's just brilliant designed top to tail. I love it to death.

So that's what I'll be playing this weekend — how about you?


    Up to the second mansion in Luigi's Mansion 2.

    Up to the very very end in Tomb Raider.

    No idea what's next, but I'll find something.

    Good times!

      I'm sure you'll find time this weekend to play "yell at the umpires at a sportsball event".

        After watching my beloved Tigers in the Richmond v Fremantle match last week, I hope to yell less at the umpires this week :D

        Also, need to finish Tomb Raider and play a bit of Kerbal Space Program. Time to go to Mun!

          Fremantle seem to be involved in a lot of that. The last few years, you couldn't go to a Lions vs Fremantle game at the Gabba without booing the umpires off the field every quarter. It was just that bad.

    Space Marine (getting all those weapon challenges done)

    Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky (on my Vita)

    Hoping bro will make time for us to finally wrap up Gears of War 3.
    I've owned it since launch but because he's lacked time we only started last weekend.
    Only got a mission left though!

    Failing that I'll be in Neverwinter a fair bit.
    And looking forward to playing some more Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon.

    I'll be playing Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, if I finish that it'll be back to Dark Souls!

    Dark. Souls.

    Getting ever-closer to NG end. \o/

      I humbly accepted defeat against the great grey wolf sif, could not get past that guy. It was more the 15minute hike i had to do each time that made me give up. Still, i take solace in the fact i was beaten by a fairly badass boss.

    The Whispered World/Rayman Legends Challenges!

    Last edited 03/05/13 11:22 am

    Far Cry 3, picked it up on last week's steam sale. Love it!

    Candies. I just got owned by the dragon.

      Potions and scrolls. Potions and scrolls. Keep at it. ;)

        Yep, I'm already thinking up a strategy.

          Having only recently defeated the dragon I'm currently trying to figure out the next quest. Urgh.

    Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen
    Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon
    Dead Island: Riptide
    Soul Sacrifice
    Assassin's Creed II (slowly getting through this series)

    Gonna be a busy weekend!

    Fire Emblem Awakening, some League of Legends and maybe some Neverwinter

    I might pick up Blood Dragon, I might find time to play Dragon Age: Origins courtesy of Shane, I might lose another weekend to CiV. Any of these would be acceptable.

    Guitar. It's one or the other, and this week I'm MUST finish tracking my demos! haha

    Fire Emblem Awakening and possibly tryout Soul Sacrifice.

      Soul Sacrifice - Hit me up if you want to play some online matches
      I'll add you this afternoon (Redrathi?) if I haven't already.

    Since there's nothing _really_ new to lose myself in, probably sinking yet more time into swtor.

    Battlefield 3, League of Legends and Skyrim. nothing new but i cant help it :(

    Replaying Metal Gear Solid 3, Replaying Gears of War 3, and I'll probably play some more Xenoblade. I've had it for a few weeks, and I've only gotten about 30 hours on it.

    Blood Dragon, if there's time.
    Bioshock, if there's time.

    I'll be playing the 'read books so you know what your lecturer is talking about' game.

      I haven't played that in a while. I don't miss it.

    I finally got 100% in Lego City so now I might pay attention to Luigi's Mansion 2 and maybe Bioshock Infinite

    Don't Starve and Monaco. Was going to be Tomb Raider but couldn't wait until the weekend. Really loving the charm in Don't Starve. Monaco is just beautiful chaos.

    Next weekend I hope to get Dark Souls.

    FC3: Blood Dragon. "Recompiling the motherboard": I had to stop playing for about five minutes until I stopped laughing - the pseudo technobabble in that sequence is the stuff of legends. :D

    Beyond good and evil HD.

    Really happy that i bought it and saw what the acclaim was about. pokemon snap meets....i dunno crash bandicoot.

      Does the fixed camera get annoying? I was going to get this but then heard it was fixed camera, unlike the original.

        I don't think it has a fixed camera. I picked it up awhile back and didn't get far in, but I do recall that as a Y-inverter I was struggling to play competently as when you invert the camera it inverts the X and Y axis' together instead of just one. I don't want to invert X!

        Umm from memory the camera's fine. I remember firing up Vice City recently and rage quit because of the fixed camera so i believe beyond good and evils camera isnt fixed.

          Wow...terrible sentance structure by me...i blame work interuptions!

      I did the same thing a few months back, great game ain't it? I should probably pick up a few more of those HD-ised classics while I'm waiting for the new releases to pick up again.

        Yeah I was pretty impressed after playing the demo, i knew next to nothing about it other than it was a bit of a cult classic. When i hear those words my ears prick up. After the first sequence fighting the goobers with torch i was sold. Taking photos of all the creatures is a great mechanic too. Not only does it earn you currency but it makes you want to explore the world, which is beautiful by the way.

        Also recently got okami HD free from PSN. i've only played the first 5 minutes of it though as you have around a half hour cut scene to sit through. looks good though.

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