A Slight Oversimplification Of The Xbox One DRM Reversal

In NMA TV's latest video, the Xbox One is a pile of shit with a logo, and Sony is a ninja getting handjobs. The Taiwanese animation studio might not always be spot-on with its analysis, but it sure does know how to illustrate a point, and it's speedy about it.

Less than 24 hours since Microsoft changed the Xbox One for the better, and it's already a pile of poop with lips.



    Well at least they have taste using the old PS2 style logo for the 4, cmon Sony, MS did it listen to the people, change that logo back.

    I loled.

    I think people need to stop getting all upset that some media outlets are offering simple overviews of the Xbox debacle. They're not going to cover every nuanced point chronologically from the E3 reveal to today.

    Pity the damage is allready done, tech blogs for years to come wil hve this in their "top 10 tech company blunders" lists for years to come.

    how is the ps4 more powerful? isnt it the same amd hardware wtf

      im no expert and im probably wrong, but in my understanding from trying to read all i can i was under the impression the ps4 chip was slightly faster (the number is bigger) and also because its not running 3 layers of operating system it can put most if not all of its resources to gaming. Also GDDR5 is more gaming related memory so probably has an effect also. I see this as only being more powerful for gaming though.

        Yep. GDDR5 is better than GDDR3, although the Xbone has ESRAM that partially compensates. From what I read the situation seems to be that the PS4 will be better for graphical performance, although how much better remains to be seen.

      The PS4 has 50% more shader calls and the API which accesses those cores allow for greater fine tuned control. The extra processing power is roughly equivalent to 3 Xbox 360s worth of Teraflops.

      There is also more RAM usable by developers which will be used to add more detailed models, textures, environments and behaviours.


    I'm Maban and I support this message.

    Very simple message but all true.

    tbh the media and every fanboy of either side on youtube have concentrated all too much on the negatives of the xbox one to it's positives, one thing for me is the xbox GUI is much better than the ps4 from what I've seen, and that simple example is something that hasn't been noted by highly biased peoples thoughts/information videos/blogs on the xbox one, nonetheless I am getting both but the xbox one first as I will have more friends on it than the ps4, I have like 40 after I cleaned up on xbox, on playstation I have only like 7-8 and only know 4 of them personally and they mostly dont go online much, but on xbox a big group is always on.

    They still haven't fixed the Kinect problem.
    I don't need the NSA making all my games 'multiplayer' :D

    Let's be honest, now that the drm is gone the 2 consoles are basically on equal footing. I will be buying a ps4 but only on the premise of things to come. XBone had better exclusive games at e3, and you cant judge a console by non exclusives. I do think that ps+ is better than gold though.

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