Battlefield 4's Singleplayer Footage Looks Bananas

Like it or not, EA's Battlefield series is once again trying to take a bite out of Call of Duty with a singleplayer campaign.

Whether it gets any more enjoyable, we won't know until we play it. But they at least seem to be going overboard on the spectacle, as we see here with a...sinking aircraft carrier.


    Should just be a tech demo. Anyway, the multiplayer suite is looking rather amazing, which is what BF is about!

    Usually I have picked up COD over BF but this does look like a lot of fun

    I really should play the BF3 campaign...... one day.

      For your own mental health, don't. It's a mess

        This. Battlefield Bad Company 2 I enjoyed on the PC, but the BF3 campaign leaves a lot to be desired. Or at least I didn't really notice the story as much as I did in BC2.

    So leave it in the pile of shame?

      Cheers. I was thinking to play it too (as if I'd have time) not no more. BF4 will probably be the same for me multiplayer only.

    Seriously take a bite? Battlefield has swallowed digested and passed COD right into the metaphorical toilet bowl. As a PC gamer it's a no brainer to buy BF.

    I remember when Battlefield was good. Back in 1942. Those were the days.

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