Borderlands 2 Summed Up In One Clip

Borderlands 2 just got brand new downloadable content. It's called Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep, and it's fantastic. It's seriously the best Borderlands 2 DLC yet. Partially because it's huge and partially because it's basically fan service to a hell of a lot of games (including Borderlands itself, of course) that we adore.

But it wouldn't be a slice of Borderlands without some silliness, and so I present exhibit A as proof that Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep maintains the expectation the series has set.

Watch me play the DLC above as I try to solve a puzzle to unlock a gate. I spent a good chunk of time trying to figure out its code, analysing symbols and patterns and even scrawling notes with pen and paper (something I haven't done since Fez!). Which I love to do! I love puzzles.

But then Borderlands 2 goes and turns everything on its head and I'm all, I should've known, Borderlands. I should have known.


    Hahaha Gold!
    How many times have we all been frustrated with a puzzle and wish we could just punch it?!

    Anyone who has played a tabletop with a decent DM has probably had that moment where the smart ass in the group says, "just punch it", "Kill him and take the key" or "blow it up" and that was precisely what worked best.

    I hate myself for trading in Borderlands 2 after I clocked the regular story mode. Hate myself.

      If only there was some way to buy it again...

        Na, the moments passed and I'm not going to pay more than the crappy $value I got for trading it in.

        I'll just have to wait for Borderlands 3.

    You could do that.
    Or you could just activate the crystals in the opposite order that was shown.

    Was it really that hard to work out?
    The quest log on the right says "Punch ancient dwarven puzzle"...

    I wasn't even particularly aware there was an order and just started activating crystals randomly

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