Borderlands' Psycho And Handsome Jack Arrive In Time For Halloween

Commence to placing finger guns to your temple (or under your chin). NECA, makers of all sorts of plastic goodness for gamers, will have a latex Psycho mask from Borderlands 2 — and another for insufferable baddie Handsome Jack, available in September.

The quick-and-dirty cosplay deploys in time for the New York Comic-Con (and Halloween) for $US26.99 each. Jack's below. You can get Jack here, or the Psycho here.

NECA Debuts Borderlands 2 ‘Handsome Jack’, ‘Psycho Bandit’ Masks [Ubergizmo]


    Omg that Psycho mask is so awesome I must get me one of those.

    Doesn't look like you can actually order it from the NECA website. Hopefully a local retailer picks these up.

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