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I am writing today's Community Kudos from the confines of my sick bed, although it's more like a sick couch. I am eating bananas. Only porridge can save me now.

Yep, that's right, I have a case of the E3 flu. All that time rubbing flesh with thousands of other human beings and inhaling their collective stank has rendered me a giant sack of mucus. Hopefully I'll get over it sooner rather than later.

Anyways — Kudos. We didn't have Kudos last week because I was in Los Angeles for E3 and different time zones make Kudos a logistical nightmare. This week we have mega Kudos. And it appears as though people were being disgustingly generous as usual.

But first let's get to last week's noms...

Greenius I'm guessing there probably won't be any noms post this week since E3, BUT THAT'S OKAY!

You were right Mr Greenius, there was no kudos last week, but that doesn't mean I'd forget about you my font changing chum!

D.C. I nominate @jimu! He organized a fun night out last Friday for the Brisbane group! Plus he's a cool guy who's not nommed often, I think we take him for granted a little. Also, I'd like to nominate @strange.

Jimu! One day I will meet you. One day.

Welbot I don’t know if it’s happening this week with you being away, but I have to drop a nom for the always lovely Strange!
Had an awesome lunch at her place with a few other TAYbies today, and she baked the most delicious bread! So much goodness!
So yeah.. she gets all the noms this week!

Wait a minute, Strange baked bread? If I totally wasn't all off the carbs I would drive right up to Brissy and much a hole through her kitchen wall right now! I LOVE HOME BAKED BREAD.

It seems like Freyjr and Trjn's board game weekends has become something of an institution, with weekly meetings and such. That was the reason for one of CJ's noms...

CJ First off one Nom to Shane for sending me and several others free signed copies of his third book. A series of which I have now paid no money for but enjoyed enough that should Shane ever be seen in public again he'll be taking a few bills to the face. Also an extra nom in advance for when it actually arrives.
Secoundly Noms to Freya and Trjn for their continued weekly putting up with strangers from the internet in their house to play boardgames. This weekend just past double feature in particular was alot of fun and didn't end in myself and pyrean being kickedout for not being able to money.

Regular readers of Community Kudos know that we have different types of Kudos. Mostly made up on the spot by me for some reason. Today Shane invented a new type of Kudos. That kudos is called


I will do my level best to use my limited resources to replicate his message, which was Greenius-like in its liberal use of different fonts.

Shane Hope your week is going all right, and your body clock is returning the ordinary staccato rhythm of Smallchildtime!
Anyhoo, even though it’s early in the week, I have some noms for gestures that I don’t think can be topped by Friday.
@mythamphetamine. Dude is sending me a 3DS. All the way from the Northern Territory. I don’t even know why. FOR NO REASON. I hear @BDKIAF is sending one to sughly also, so he doesn’t have to share with his kid anymore. Someone else gets to deliver for once.
Insane people. They deserve

Insane Kudos


There you have it: Insane Kudos is now a thing.

D.C. also made reference to the crazy giving away of 3DS consoles. INSANE.

D.C. @bdkiaf gave Sughly a 3DS. @mythamphetamine gave Shane a 3DS. I nominate TAY for being the best damn group of people evah.

I agree. You know this week was a bit tough for me with comments. I think it was on Tuesday when I went home and was like, bugger this. Sometimes a certain article about a certain topic will bring out the worst in commenters, but it's always amazing to know that the core of this community is full of amazing people who do amazing things for one another. Through this job I have made genuine actual real life friends who are some of the best people I know. I think a lot of the people who tune into Community Kudos each week feel the same.

So much 3DS love lately!

I'm going to guess that this was a nom for Aleph-Null, but it could be anything really. This is a different kind of insane nom.

AlexPants KUDOS FOR BISH! Surly Bish came to visit this week and decided he'd be all surly and pay for everyone's dinner. Despite numerous attempts to stop him, including people literally throwing themselves down a staircase while others tried to sneak money into his bag. And now he's gone again. I miss him already.

Bish came back! I MISSED OUT. My final memory of Bish was of him baking a badass cake that I never got the chance to eat. Was so gutted about that. DO YOU STILL HAVE MY JOURNEY SCARF? THAT WAS JUST A LOANER!

Scree Om nom nom nom time.
Hello Mark. I almost forgot today was Friday (being a carer, most days just blend one into another) and in fact I had to ask my mother what day it was.
Hope you're ready for the freezing weather down here in Melbourne =P
Anyway I would like to nominate Bish as he gifted me Uncharted and then threw in resonance of Fate also. o/ He also addressed it to scree which did make me laugh.
Second Nom is to Ser Nobulus for buying me Persona 4 golden when he found out I couldn't afford it while it was on special. I offered to pay him back in money or rupee cushions but he turned me down. He's the best, around!
Third nom is for Nova as he has had to put up with a lot of crap from me. Mainly because I keep worrying that his cosplay isn't perfect enough. In fact, Nova said that I shouldn't worry so much as I may make myself sick.

I did make myself sick ^^;; So yeah, thank you for putting up with me and being smarter then I could've been =P

I really can't wait to see Nova's cosplay!

The following nom email may be the longest kudos nom in the history of Community Kudos. But I'm going to post it in its entirety because it's Sughly, and he delivers. Always.

Sughly Ok, listen Mr. Serrels, and listen good. You know me, I don't nom much right? It's just the way I am. I'm that kinda guy, you know? The guy that doesn't nom. 'Douche', some might call it. I call it laziness. This is all besides the point though, because this isn't about me. No, this is about a very special man. Let me tell you what this special special man has done...
As we were discussing the amazingness that is/will be Pokemon X and Y, the point was brought up by this special special man that I will be able to trade with my 9 year old boy (since said boy is as into Pokemon as his dear old Dad (bless (not sure what that says about me, but let's not diverge again))). 'Good point!' I thought to myself. Alas, I only have my singular 3ds, so despite intending to get X for myself and Y for the boy, we would be unable to trade. "Never fear", this beautiful special special man says, "for I just purchased a 3DSXL and you know what, I will send my old 3DS for your son". Bam. Just like that.
Oh, I tried to dispute. I tried. I turned him down, I segued into other topics of conversation. I even suggested all the games he could get by merely walking down to the shops and trading in. But no, the incredibly beautiful special special man persevered, and pushed me to that uncomfortable point. You know that point - the one where you're at a party, and the host offers you things you keep saying no to, and eventually you're just making everyone uncomfortable and the host somewhat angry. I was a cornered animal Serrels, confused, frightened, and yet astonished by the generosity and excited for my son all the same.
And so like a lesser man I caved. Do you hear me Serrels? I caved. What was I to do!?
Well, for starters, one looks forward, not backward. And what does one do besides a mere kudos nom? Well, one devises a plan of come uppance. One that spans over time, and takes the nom as a starting point. The mountains of come uppance are in the distance, this is just the base camp. But starting a journey like this needs a boost. A sponsorship, so to say. A sign that good things are to come, to give those crucial first steps. For what is the journey that never begins Mark? What is it? By now I assume it is a man at his desk wondering when this rambling will end. Maybe he has just resorted to skim reading? Probably. Who knows really? Not this guy. All I know is I need a sponsor, and that sponsor is Community Kudos. This cant be any old prize either. No, this has to be something great. Some leftover piece of E3 gold, perhaps? A strand of Miyamoto's hair? How many strands does one game journalist need!? I don't know the answer to this question either, because I'm just the requester. The client to the sponsor. The Chevy to the Don Draper. You are my Don, Mark. Tell me about life. Sell the meaning of life to me, in a form that can be sold to this one-of-a-kind incredibly beautiful special special man.
And that precious one-of-a-kind incredibly beautiful special special man is BDKIAF. Reward him, Mark. Do it. For the good of the journey.

Seriously. How could anyone argue with those noms. Those are some definitive noms. But I can't forget about MythAmphetamine who also donated a 3DS so congrats to MythAmphetamine and BDKIAF, the winners of this week's Kudos.

Community Kudos is your chance to reward Kotaku readers/posters who have done incredible things throughout the past week: sporadic acts of kindness, deft commenting skills — if someone deserves to be called out for being an incredible human being, Community Kudos is the place to do it. Send nominations directly to me at this address! The winner gets a cool prize from my massive box of stuff.*

Disclaimer — I'm am really bad at sending stuff out, I have a list, I haven't forgotten, I'm totally getting round to it. Sorry everyone!

Chris Hastings is the creator of the image used for Community Kudos –- you can check out his site, Dr McNinja, here.


    So. Damn. Generous.
    Makes me feel good on a Friday afternoon.

    Wow... I um... made pancakes? That's... impressive right?

      Depends if they were good pancakes or not.

        Some had berries in them... I made some plain ones... then realised I had a pack of frozen berries and yeah... threw them in the mixture. So yeah. Berry pancakes with maple syrup and vanilla icream...

    It sounds like porridge won't save you Mark. You need the unbelievable healing powers of kippers on toast.

    This is why I love Kotaku.
    People on here are so generous and kind and amazing. It completely shatters what everyone thinks about the gaming community and the internet in general.
    Aleph and BDKIAF definitely deserve these noms. Proud to just know you both. =D

    Sorry but I'm feeling a little bit out of the Kotaku loop. The reason for this is that I have NO IDEA what a TAYbie is, it's sounds intriguing...

    Could someone reiterate the meaning of a TAYbie? Thank you in advance.

    Kind regards,


      A TAYbie is anyone who comments in the Talk Amongst Yourselves article that goes up each week. We may seem crazy but you'll soon realise we're just lunatics. Come join in the fun, we have cookies. And jackets, but most people just stick with the cookies

    it’s always amazing to know that the core of this community is full of amazing people who do amazing things for one another. Through this job I have made genuine actual real life friends who are some of the best people I know

    So much this. Thanks for the nom scree. Like Mark, I can't wait to see it finished.

    Serrels just wants to meet me to make me feel the real pain for all the trouble I caused him when he had to manually OK my posts.

    Oh and congrats, guys, excellent work ;-)

      Dood you're so awesome, I wanna meet you all over again just to re-live the experience!


      I'm sorry -- I meant to say this in the post, but I always miss noms when I do them on my laptop instead of my actual work desktop. Sorry man...

    Congrats Aleph/Mythamphetamine and BDKIAF! absolute champs! HANDS DOWN!
    Strange kicks your ass with bread though.. hey, noone's perfect!

    Congrats Aleph and BDKIAF! So. Damn. Kind.

    Wow people I envy/despise/love you all for the fact you have this awesome core community. There are times I really miss living in Australia, and CK is regularly one of those times.

      We have people from Canada regularly hanging out with us here, no reason why you can't too. Where are you living now?

        NZ. Yeah I'll definitely be checking in a lot more when time/access to a computer allows.

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