Contra Is Coming To iOS, And It’s Changed

Contra Is Coming To iOS, And It’s Changed

Konami’s classic run-and-gunner is hitting iOS next Thursday, but it’s not Contra as we know it. This is Contra Evolution, the a retooling of the original using CocoaChina’s open-source game engine, and it’s rather fetching.

Contra Evolution first arrived on iOS in China back in January of this year, where it rose to the top of the iPhone paid charts in under 24 hours. CocoaChina/Chukong teamed with Konami to create the game, which they call a “reincarnation” of the classic.

I call it very pretty, all things considered. Not sure if a retooling of an old arcade game has the potential to reach the top of the paid charts (especially at $2.99), but I can certainly see Contra Evolution shooting its way into the top 10.

What do you folks think? Like the new look?


  • All i can think of is the damn sound track to that game. Its probably the game me and my friends beat the most times on nes. Im cool with the new graphics but this thing better have the original music or else no 2.99 from me

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